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'Angels' in vogue

The regional Dutch newspaper Gooi en Eemlander recently devoted an entire page to the topic of angels. "Angels announced the birth of Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago. But angels aren't only around at Christmas. They can be found throughout the ages and in all religions. In the last 10 to 20 years there has been a real surge [in angel reports]."

The article reports the different types of angels people experience - saving angels which rescue people; healing angels; or angels which appear just when you need them most. The newspaper quotes Dutch medical doctor Hans Moolenburgh from Harlem, who predicted in 1983 that the return of angels into human consciousness will be one of the biggest surprises of the 20th century. Dr Moolenburgh compiled a large dossier of his patients' experiences which feature in his book entitled Angels as Protectors and Helpers of Humanity. "Heaven is about to break through [into human consciousness]," says Dr Moolenburgh.

(Source: Gooi en Eemlander, the Netherlands)

The following two reports were excerpted by the Dutch newspaper from Dr Moolenburgh's books:

"One of my patients told me how as a child she lived in the countryside. On the same land was a farm. One day her mother heard from their doctor that the farmer's daughter was at death's door. Her mother immediately went to the farmer's wife and together they prayed for the child. While they were praying there was a knock at the back door. My patient's mother went to see and there stood a young man. He said: "Woman, what's the matter?" She answered: "There's a child dying here."

The man walked straight through to the child's bedroom, put his hands on her and in the name of Jesus drove the illness from the child. Then he went out through the back door and no-one ever saw him again.... The child recovered consciousness (she had been in a coma) and was even angry when she was told to stay home and miss school the next day. That happened some 30 years ago. The girl is now an adult woman and still very much alive."

(H.C.Moolenburgh, Angels as Protectors and Helpers of Humanity. Ankh-Hermes, 1983)

Editorial note
"One sunny day in Limburg (the Netherlands) in 1982, a young couple and their daughter of one-and-a-half sat outside on a terrace of a café which was on a busy road. Traffic raced by, the couple ordered and the child played in the sun. Suddenly the parents realized that for a moment or two they had not been keeping their usual watchful eye on their daughter, Anna. She was no longer on the terrace but had toddled down the steps onto the pavement and when they finally saw her she was happily moving towards the busy road. The terrified parents leapt after Anna as she was about to step into the road. Suddenly, a beautiful little blonde girl of about four appeared. She stood between the toddler and the traffic; she spread her arms wide and held Anna back. A split second later Anna's father reached the children, picked Anna up - relieved but gently scolding his daughter. Both parents turned to thank the pretty child for saving Anna's life. She was nowhere to be seen; the child had quite impossibly disappeared."

(H.C.Moolenburgh, An Angel on Your Path: 101 Angel Experiences. Ankh-Hermes, 1991)

Editorial note
from: Share International March 2000

Reprinted courtesy of © Share International

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