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Cross of light in California

Hundreds of people have been flocking to a small house in the town of Watsonville, California, to see a cross of light which has appeared since mid-March, 2010. When light is on behind the garage window of the single storey house a cross of bright light is seen .... more ...

Source: Register Pajaronian, USA - 2 April 2010

India: Crosses of light in Puttaparthi
New Zealand: Crosses of light in Tauranga
Germany: Crosses of light in hospital

Crosses of light in Australia

A cross of light appears every night in the bathroom window of a home in North Haven, near Adelaide, Australia. Marty Branch moved into his home about four years ago, and said that the cross has appeared every night just after dark. When viewed from inside the room, the cross appears across the entire window even when the room's light is turned off. There is no street light or other light source nearby. more ...

Source:, July 2007

India: Cross of light in hospital
Germany: Crosses of light in Berlin

Cross of light in southern California desert

Just after midnight on Ash Wednesday 2002, a light in the shape of a cross was discovered in the back window of a home in the southern California desert town of Thermal. Visitors came in large numbers to see the cross, sometimes lining up 20 deep along the dirt road which leads to Jesus and Concepcion Aceves' home.more ...

Source: The Desert Sun, April 2002

Japan: Crosses of light in Tokyo
USA: Crosses of light in Whittier, California
New Zealand: Miracles in Auckland

Cross of light in Australia

For many years Maitreya has been creating miraculous crosses of light in various countries around the world. The first such cross to be discovered in Australia appeared in May 2000 on a bathroom window of a farmhouse in Baringhup, a small country town with a population of less than 200 inhabitants, in central Victoria.more ...

Sources: Spiritual Links, The Age - 21. January 2001

USA: Cross of light in South Carolina

Signs of a new times: Crosses of light - Part One

Extract from the book by Richard Bremer (in German): Gut fünfzig Jahre war Joe Bullard nun Pfarrer, und er fand, damit habe er sein Pensum geschafft. Seine winzige Baptistenkirche im amerikanischen Knoxville zählte im übrigen nur noch ganze vierzehn Mitglieder, und die kamen nicht einmal mehr regelmäßig. Zeit also, um aufzuhören. Anfang November 1995 fuhr er mit seiner Frau Mildred an der kleinen weißen Kirche vorbei, wo er so lange seine Arbeit getan hatte. more ...

Source: Zeichen einer neuen Zeit by Richard Bremer

Switzerland: Fod
USA: "Gee

Signs of a new times: Crosses of light - Part Two

Extract from the book by Richard Bremer (in German): Mehr und mehr wurde in den lokalen Medien über die Kreuze berichtet. Und wo immer sie auch herkommen mochten, die Menschen waren ihnen gegenüber keineswegs gleichgültig. In einem Dokumentarfilm, von der Video-Produzentin Frances Robinson gedreht, erklärten die Leute, dass sie seither "tiefen Frieden" erfahren. Auch "Einheit" mit ihren Familien und Nachbarn. more ...

Source: Zeichen einer neuen Zeit by Richard Bremer

Switzerland: Fod
USA: "Gee

Witnessing crosses of light

In June 2000, an amazing display of miracles manifested overnight in a small 80-year old church in Pine Bluff, Arkansas - seven healing crosses of light in seven windows in the Gospel Temple Missionary Baptist Church. Many people around the world who have seen similar beautiful, shimmering crosses of light report healing of some type - spiritual, emotional or physical. Local press in Pine Bluff and Little Rock covered the story extensively, and the internet spread the news all over the world, drawing thousands of people to see the crosses. more ...

Source: Share International, December 2000

Cross of light in Argentina

In 1992, a cover story about a cross of light appearing in Argentina was published in the Argentinian magazine Sin límites. In a recent interview the article's author Carlos A.Molinah revealed that the media never showed an interest in this event, and that the miracle largely passed unnoticed. As the article related, a cross of light appeared on 25 August 1991 in the house of José and Reina, a young couple living in the town of Ingeniero Maschwitz, Escobar, 35 km northwest of the capital Buenos Aires. more ...

Source: Share International, December 2000

India: Cross of light in Puttaparthi

Crosses of light in New Zealand

In February 1994 crosses of light appeared in three bathroom windows in a house in Auckland, New Zealand, just after Benjamin Creme had stayed there while visiting Auckland to conduct a public lecture and Transmission Meditation. The owners of the house removed the windows and sent a pane and a half to the physics professor at the University of Auckland. One shattered while being removed, and the other half-pane was given to members of a local Transmission Meditation group. more ...

Source: Share International, October 2000

the Netherlands: Cross of light on photo
the Netherlands: Crosses of light in Amsterdam

Crosses of light discovered in southern California

Beginning in late March 2000, Naomi and John Bradley began to see what they consider a sign from God. Each night, starting at sundown, about seven crosses can be seen shining in their downstairs bathroom window. Naomi Bradley's grandson Birdon first saw the crosses in the early morning of 23 March, but said nothing until a few days later. Then he said to Naomi (whom he calls 'Gammy'): "Gammy, go look out the bathroom window and tell me what you see." more ...

Source: Share International, September 2000

USA: Crosses of light in Arkansas
USA: Crosses of light in Seattle, Washington
USA: Millenium miracle in Louisiana

Crosses of light - signs of new time?

Article in German: Etwas scheint in diesen Tagen mit einer ungewöhnlichen Entschlossenheit auf sich aufmerksam machen zu wollen. Was soll man davon halten, wenn ganz normale Menschen plötzlich in Scharen berichten, leuchtende Kreuze aus Licht in den Fenstern ihrer Wohnungen entdeckt zu haben? In den letzten Jahren sind wohl Hunderte, wenn nicht gar Tausende davon in Fenstern von Privatwohnungen erschienen ... more ...

Source: Novalis, Germany - December 1999

Crosses of light under scientific scrutiny

At the Dutch Technical University of Delft, two third-year students, Carolynne Montijn and Hedwig Rotteveel, from the faculty of Technical Physics, have spent over 10 months on their 'cross of light research project'. The subject was presented to them by their physics teacher. He had been interviewed for a science magazine in connection with 'modern-day miracles' and had become intrigued by the crosses of light, for which he had no immediate explanation. more ...

Source: Share International, January/February 1999

Crosses of light in Germany

About a year ago a Turkish family living in Germany were given a huge wooden cross as a gift. Shortly afterwards, crosses of light began appearing in the windows of their flat. The Isatabas family, faithful Aramaic Christians, have lived in Germany for 15 years and own a Turkish restaurant in Aschaffenburg. Mrs Isatabas, interviewed by Andrea Bistrich for Share International, said: "I first discovered the cross just before Christmas 1997. more ...

Source: Share International, September 1998

Diary of a healing cross of light

"Maitreya is going to flood the world with such happenings that the mind can never comprehend it." Since Share International published those words in 1988, I have been fascinated with the miracles that many millions of people have seen on this planet, as "Maitreya hopes to strengthen the expectancy in which He can emerge as the teacher for all humanity". My voice mail and fax machine are flooded with reports of miracles from all over the world, sent by dedicated co-workers who have helped me become the Modern Miracles Reporter. more ...

Source: Share International, July/August 1998

Cross of light down under

"A Sign from the Spiritual Teacher, Maitreya" ran the television story. "A strange phenomenon in Auckland tonight, or is it? Believers say the crosses of light in their windows are spiritual symbols, but scientists are more sceptical." New Zealand TV3 Nightline news commentary added: "They call it the cross of light, inspiration of hope and better living. Discovered all over the world, the latest appearance is in a bathroom window on Auckland's North Shore. more ...

Source: Share International, December 1997

New Zealand: Cross of light in Devonport
USA: Star of David in Tennessee church

The cross chasers: 19 hours in Knoxville, Tennessee

Since reading Benjamin Creme's book The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom, in 1981, I have been in 100 per cent agreement with its message, as I understand it: Maitreya, the Christ, has returned to the world. Recently, drawing on my 50 years of experience in broadcasting, I decided to try to help publicize some of the "signs" that Maitreya and the Masters are placing in the world, specifically the crosses of light, to awaken humanity to the truth that He is here.
more ...

Source: Share International, July/August 1996

Slovenia: Crosses of light in four cities

Cross of light in southern California

On 8 December 1992, Joann Noriega saw a "big, beautiful cross", created by the light of the moon, appear on her bathroom window. She had never seen the image before in the 17 years she had lived in the house in Montclair, Southern California. Noriega opened and closed the window, wondering if the cross would go away. But the cross remained. Noriega got down on her knees and began praying. "It was the Virgin Mary," Noriega said. "I had no doubt. I didn't even try to guess at it." more ...

Source: Share International, July/August 1996

USA: Cross of light "a sign of Second Coming"

Three crosses of light manifest in New Zealand

Crosses of light have appeared in New Zealand and were the subject of a prime time news story on national television. The story was broadcast with the following introduction: "Spiritual phenomena or simple physics? That is the question dozens of Aucklanders are asking each day as they line up to witness a white cross which appeared on a window of a suburban house." more ...

Source: Share International, August/September 1994

USA: Cross of light in Orange County, California
USA: Cross of light in Riviera Beach, Florida

Cross of light in the Philippines

Crosses of Light with miraculous powers of healing are appearing in many different parts of the world. People take the crosses as a sign of divine promise; many believe they signify the return of the Christ. From the moment he first saw a cross of light on display in Manila, the Philippines, Dr Ching, a medical practitioner specializing in acupuncture and also a student of a school of esoteric studies, the Divine Wisdom Lodge, has cherished the hope that perhaps one day he, too, would be granted such a cross. more ...

Source: Newsday, 26. September 1991

the Philippines: Crosses of light in newsroom of Newspaper
USA: Crosses in Louisiana
USA: New wave of crosses in California

The Crosses of light: transformations and miracles

The July/August issue of Share International carried a story about the crosses of light appearing on windows in the community of El Monte, in southern California. On 10 June 1988, video producer Frances Robinson began a documentary on the phenomenon. The completed film includes an interview with Benjamin Creme in which he says: "The crosses are manifestations by the Christ. more ...

Source: Share International, September 1988

Maiteya manifests crosses of light

Some weeks ago Benjamin Creme's Master told him that Maitreya would soon begin a series of manifestations in light in different parts of the world. Signs of the cross would appear miraculously. On 26 May we received information from Patricia Pitchon's contact close to Maitreya that Maitreya has manifested the sign of the Cross in light on the window of a house in Louisiana, USA. This sign was seen by thousands of people who crowded round the house. Many people there have understood as a consequence of this experience that the Christ can be 'reached ' through this Cross. more ...

Source: Share International, July/August 1988

USA: Cross on window of evangelical minister's home

Since 1986 a new phenomenon appears all over the globe. It began in the U.S. and soon spread to many other countries including Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Slovenia, Romania, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines: from one moment to the next suddenly a bright shining cross manifests in the window. The crosses of light appear to be floating in the "air" like a holographic image between a normal window and a light source. Many who see the crosses claim dramatic healing experiences.

"Last weekend," the Pasadena Star News wrote on 27 May 1988, "residents reported seeing a cross shining through a bathroom window of an apartment in El Monte [near Los Angeles]."
According to the newspaper this was the second cross that had appeared wihtin a week. "More than 3,500 people saw the cross... On Thursday, El Monte police barricaded the street to prevent congestion from cars. People started arriving at 10 am; by 9 pm hundreds remained outside the home. They were allowed inside the front gates in small groups and directed to the proper spot for a look. The lighted cross was the same as the first - shining brightly from a bathroom window". Within days, 12 more crosses appeared around the Los Angeles area. The first cross of light had appeared a week earlier in the apartment of Margaret Romero and her husband, parents of three children. The family wanted certainty and turned to two glazier shops. One of them had been thirty years in the business and assured them that they had never seen anything like this before. Even when the glass was replaced, nothing changed. The cross kept shining. The Catholic parish just had one explanation for it: "A miracle from God ".

In March 1991 journalists of Newsday Philippines in Manila were in the editorial office crowding around a piece of glass that had been cut out of window. It was said that a cross would be visible as soon as it was subjected to a light source. This was supposed to happen even in a small piece of the glass. Julian Cruz, editorial journalist of the news service, did not have high expectations about the miraculous content of the glass panes which he looked at together with his colleagues. It was his task to write an article about their joint findings. "With a score of neon lights on and sunlight streaming through two windows, there could be no occasion for hocus-pocus," he wrote on March 22nd, 1991. "A flashlight was pointed at it and switched on and there appeared this even-armed cross of light seemingly within a diamond-shaped aura. Somebody placed another switched-on flashlight beside the first and two crosses appeared. The flashlights were switched off. The crosses disappeared. They were switched on again, the crosses reappeared. The usually boisterous newsroom was silent. Our inimitable funman, Managing Editor Teddy Berbano, who could squeeze out of even the most serious occasion the most hilarious joke, had no punch-line, or any line, this time. As stated earlier, the phenomenon was awe-inspiring, or, at the very least, intriguing. "

On November 8th, 1995 the members of a small 135 years old Baptist church in Knoxville, Tennessee (USA) discovered that the light that shone through one of the windows had changed. In the following time the same phenomenon began to appear in all the church windows: an even-sided cross. The crosses were not in the window but seemed to float in the air like a hologram 35 feet away from the building. During the day they appeared in white color. At night with the street light as light sources they also displayed an intense red-golden color. The crosses that appeared on the windows were approximately 4 to 6 feet high but looking through the window they went 40 feet up from the ground into the air. Columnist Bob Hurley of The Greenville (Tennessee) Sun explained to his readers: "I can't get the hair on the back of my neck to do anything but stick straight out these days. The crosses are indeed in the windows at the Copper Ridge Baptist Church. That is a fact. It doesn't matter if you believe it or not. There at first, I was a bit of a skeptic myself. But now that I've seen the crosses of Copper Ridge with these two eyes, I'm a believer."

Just before Christmas 1997 crosses of light began appearing in the windows of the flat of the Isatabas family, faithful Aramaic Christians and owners of a Turkish restaurant in Aschaffenburg, Germany. The family has no doubt it is a miracle despite skepticism from the church and neighbors. They had the window glass checked by a glazier and were told that it was impossible that the cross would be caused by the glass. A scientific explanation for the sudden appearance of the crosses of light has not been found.

Crosses of Light -

  • Discovery Channel: Miracle Hunters - "Crosses of Light" documentation - 8:07 min

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  • Crosses of light in bathroom windows: Signs of the return of the Christ?
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  • Crosses of Light that heal, show up inside of glass window - 5:32 min

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  • Miracle Crosses of light
    “Crosses of Light” is an award-winning documentary about the mysterious light formations that have been appearing in the windows of homes throughout the world, and particularly in the Los Angeles area where this film was produced. It tells the moving story of the people who live among the crosses and how their lives have been dramatically changed. It also includes interviews with people of various religious faiths, a doctor and a scientist.
    by: Frances Oman (formerly Frances Robinson)
    Price: $ 18.00 (including tax, shipping and bonus video "Breaking the Biggest Story in History.")
    Documentary (30 min) available from here

  • In 1998 an elaborate study about the crosses of light has been carried out. At the Dutch Technical University of Delft, two third-year students, Carolynne Montijn and Hedwig Rotteveel, from the faculty of Technical Physics, have spent over 10 months on their 'cross of light research project'. The subject was presented to them by their physics teacher. He had been interviewed for a science magazine in connection with 'modern-day miracles' and had become intrigued by the crosses of light, for which he had no immediate explanation.

    "The results were quite amazing," says Hedwig. In their 110-page report, presented at Delft University in 1998, they conclude that their computer
    programme indeed provides a good replica of crosses of light. "Our simulation so much resembles reality that both form and size of the refractive pattern look identical to the actual cross. In other words: we have been able to simulate the cross in the smallest detail. Our conclusion is that the change from the normal form into the figure of a cross can be attributed to a change in the refractive index of the surface of frosted glass to exactly 1.561. So, as soon as light bends through glass with a refractive index of this exact number, it displays the form of a cross."

    "Of course," says Carolynne, "for the sudden alteration of the shape in a window to occur, the surface of the glass somehow must have changed. As the crosses appear all around the world, it is highly unlikely that the abrupt transformation of the pattern has to do with the kind of glass used or the manufacturing process. We had this confirmed by a local glass company.

    Therefore, although from the point of view of physics we have successfully demonstrated that when the light bends through frosted glass under a specific index of refraction, this particular form of a cross is seen, further research would be necessary into the actual cause of this strange phenomenon. Perhaps it would have to do with minute changes in the surface of the glass, caused, for example, by rigorous cleaning; or, theoretically, the molecular structure of the cross-windows somehow having been altered. To our minds, for this part of the puzzle there must be an equally viable scientific explanation."

    British author Benjamin Creme claims that the crosses of light are created by a group of highly evolved spiritual teachers - the Masters of Wisdom - who are beginning to take an active part in our daily lives.

    According to Creme their leader, named Maitreya, is awaited by all religions under different names whether they call him the Christ, Messiah, the fifth Buddha, Krishna, or the Imam Mahdi. Creme says: "The crosses are manifestations by Maitreya. They are radiating spiritual energy into the surrounding area and they are part of the signs, for those who have eyes to see... one of the many signs of His presence in the world. In this way the Christ is making known that He is in the world and very soon will appear before the world."

    He also relates: "My Master told me in April [1988] that very soon the Christ would manifest crosses of light all over the world in such numbers that they would draw enormous attention.

    People would not be able to understand their source but there would be so many it would not be possible to ignore them. People would see that they represented something very important that had a significance altogether unusual in the world."

    Crosses of Light -

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