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Cross of light in California

Hundreds of people have been flocking to a small house in the town of Watsonville, California, to see a cross of light which has appeared since mid-March, 2010. When light is on behind the garage window of the single storey house a cross of bright light is seen that shines into the covered carport. At night the cross is projected onto the floor and changes colour and shape depending on the type of light behind it. People have been gathering inside and outside the garage day and night. Neighbour Jaime Saavedora said: “I’m a believer, so this is really important to me. I’m glad to see so many people come out for this. It’s really incredible; it’s a miracle.”

(Source: Register Pajaronian, USA)
- see original article here

Editorial note

from: Share International May 2010

Crosses of light in India

Dear Editor,
I attach photographs of crosses of light which appeared at Sri Sai Venkateswara Apartment, in Puttaparthi, India, (5 minutes from Sai Baba's Ashram) where I stayed from September 2009 to early January 2010. These crosses of light appear everyday. We can see them in my bedroom window. The light source during the daytime is the sun, at nighttime is fluorescents and the moon (white crosses) or incandescent lamps (orange crosses).
M. O., Tokyo, Japan.

(Source: Share International - Letters to the editor)

Editorial note
from: Share International March 2010

Crosses of light in New Zealand

Seven frosted glass windows in a house in Tauranga, New Zealand have been discovered to contain crosses of light.

(Source: Share International)

Editorial note

from: Share International December 2007

Cross of light in Germany

Dear Editor,

After spinal surgery in May 2006 I went for rehabilitation to the Schlüssel clinic in Bad Peterstal. The atmosphere of the clinic contributed to my well-being: I experienced friendliness and caring about the needs of the patients, a real place for healing. Many patients reported quick healing experiences.

At the end of the week I found a cross of light in the glass door of the relaxation room, and after spending an hour in there I became aware that it might be a special room. Who manifested this cross of light and does it speed up people's healing?
A. B., Offenburg, Germany.
(Source: Share International - Letters to the editor)

Editorial note from: Share International, December 2007

Crosses of light in Australia

A cross of light appears every night in the bathroom window of a home in North Haven, near Adelaide, Australia. Marty Branch moved into his home about four years ago, and said that the cross has appeared every night just after dark. When viewed from inside the room, the cross appears across the entire window even when the room's light is turned off. There is no street light or other light source nearby. When the window is viewed from outside with the bathroom light on, a bright yellow cross appears in the middle of the window. "I'd just like to know why it is there,'' Branch said. "I wonder if I have been blessed.''

After reading a newspaper story about it, Maria Pavljuk of nearby Largs North, contacted the newspaper with a similar story. She said that a cross of light had appeared in the bathroom in her former house in nearby Smithfield days after she returned home from hospital in January 1987. It was about four years after she and her late husband had moved in. "It was absolutely beautiful,'' she said. "I still think about it. I'm sorry I moved. I had heaps of friends come around to have a look and all my family saw it ... everybody was amazed."
(Source: - July 2007)
Editorial note
from: Share International, September 2007

Cross of light in Indian hospital

On a television programme about Indian traditional medicine, broadcast on 3 September 2006 by Japan's Channel 6, a viewer spotted a small cross of light appearing in the window of the medical centre director's room at the Praja Ayurveda Hospital, a public hospital in Calicut, South India. The director, Dr Madavan, provides medical care at one-third the fee charged by other Ayurvedic clinics, only taking payment from people who can afford it, not from the poor.
(Source: via Share International website)
Editorial note from: Share International, December 2006

Crosses of Light in Berlin

In June 1988, Maitreya's associate intimated that signs of Maitreya's presence would increase: "He is going to flood the world with such happenings that the mind can never comprehend it." In May 1988 crosses of light were first reported in the El Monte district of Los Angeles, USA. Since then, crosses of light have appeared in windows in many parts of the world, including Canada, Japan, Germany, Slovenia, the USA, the Philippines and the UK.
The crosses, appearing in windows and activated by Maitreya, radiate spiritual energy which has a beneficial effect on people who see them, including healings of both physical and emotional conditions. Frances Robinson made an award-winning documentary about the phenomenon. Interviewed in The Whole Life Times, she said: "These crosses appear when you look through one of these windows when there is a light source on the other side of the window, whether it is a light bulb, a candle, a flashlight or the moon. The cross is not on the window although it appears to be on the window from the outside or inside."
Since 1988 Share International has published reports of crosses of light of many shapes and sizes, including, for example 40-foot crosses which appeared in the windows of the Copper Ridge Baptist church in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA.

Photographs sent in by P.Sch. and O.S., Berlin, Germany

Dear Editor,
On the evening of 12 January 2006 we held a lecture on the Reappearance in an esoteric centre called Akazienhof on Akazienstr. 27 in Berlin. During the lecture we had covered some of the miracles including the crosses of light about which we spoke for longer than we had planned since there were also some questions about them. After the end of the lecture one of the listeners, an elderly woman, came back and was very excited and said that on her way out she had seen crosses of light in windows in the staircase. So we checked and they looked like genuine crosses of light. Although we had held a couple of lectures there before no one had noticed crosses of light in the staircase. A strong energy emanates from them and we were very happy.
P.Sch. and O.S., Berlin, Germany.

(Source: Share International - Letters to the editor)
Editorial note
from: Share International March 2006

Cross of light in southern California desert

Just after midnight on Ash Wednesday 2002, a light in the shape of a cross was discovered in the back window of a home in the southern California desert town of Thermal. Visitors came in large numbers to see the cross, sometimes lining up 20 deep along the dirt road which leads to Jesus and Concepcion Aceves' home.

Three years later, the cross still shines in the window, and people still visit the home. In the past year, visitors have come for weekly religious services as well as a glimpse of the cross. The back door is surrounded by flowers and crucifixes, and portraits of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. "Most people who come here have faith," said Coral Aceves, Jesus' and Concepcion's granddaughter. "They come here by word of mouth. They need something. They want to heal in some way. Miracles happen on this site."
(Source: The Desert Sun, USA)
Editorial note from: Share International, November 2005

Crosses of light in Japan

Crosses of light shine from windows of the Seiyu supermarket in Hibarigaoka, Tokyo, Japan, photographed in October 2003 by Takeshi Shimazaki. He and his wife noticed the patterns five years ago, but assumed they were window displays.
(Source: Share International)
Editorial note

from: Share International, November 2003

Crosses of light appear in southern California

Three blazing yellow crosses appear each night in the small bathroom window of Ernesto and Pilar Romero's apartment in Whittier, California, USA. The crosses are configured like a triangle, the one in the centre higher than the two on the sides. They are surrounded by halos of light, and seem suspended in midair. Ernesto Romero said his mother-in-law noticed the crosses in July 2003. Word spread, and hundreds of people have visited the Whittier house to view the crosses. "When the people come in here, they're quiet," Ernesto said. "Like a church." The Romeros, who have lived in the home for six years, said the crosses were not there until recently. Only a porch light about 30 feet away shines on their bathroom window. "At first, it was scary," Ernesto said, referring to the crosses of light. "Now we feel blessed, we feel happy." (Source: The Whittier Daily News, USA)
(Source: Share International)
Editorial note
from: Share International, October 2003

Miracles in New Zealand

Crosses of light first appeared 14 years ago in the bathroom and lavatory windows of a house in Waiuku, South Auckland, New Zealand. There was a fire in the house when the daughter was a child, and the only rooms not damaged were the bathroom and lavatory. The daughter (now 19 years old) believes it was a miracle that she survived the fire.
(Source: Share International)
Editorial note
from: Share International, April 2001

Cross of light in Australia

For many years Maitreya has been creating miraculous crosses of light in various countries around the world. The first such cross to be discovered in Australia appeared in May 2000 on a bathroom window of a farmhouse in Baringhup, a small country town with a population of less than 200 inhabitants, in central Victoria.

The cross appeared in a double-pane, frosted-glass window: each pane measures 3 feet by 4 feet and the cross can be seen in both panes depending on the angle at which the window is viewed.

The owners of the house, a middle-aged couple, who had put the house up for sale nearly two months before the cross appeared, have since taken it off the market. The couple, who could be described as non-religious, kind people, are now considering the meaning of the cross of light appearing in their house and are wondering what they are should do about it.

Although they are trying to avoid publicity, the number of people wishing to see the cross is growing fast, and many will soon read about the story in the next issue of the Spiritual Links magazine which circulates throughout Australia.
(Source: The Age - 21. January 2001, Spiritual Links, Australia)
Editorial note
from: Share International, January/February 2001

Cross of light in South Carolina

Retired metal worker Frank Harley and his wife were living in their trailer home in Pontiac when they discovered an image of a cross shimmering in a radiant light from their bathroom window.

Photographers took pictures of the cross, and sceptics who climbed onto the roof were unable to find any sign of a hoax.
(Source: Weekly World News - 12. December 2000, USA) - see the original article here
Editorial note
from: Share International, January/February 2001

Cross of Light in Puttaparthi

This cross of light appeared in December 1999 in one of the residential blocks in Sai Baba's ashram in Puttaparthi. Visiting menbers of a Slovenian group started holding Transmission Meditation in the Ashram (See SI June 2000).
(Source: Share International)
Editorial note
from: Share International, November 2000

Amsterdam cross of light

This photograph was taken by a member of a Dutch Transmission Meditation group who visited the chapel of Our Lady of All Nations to see the painting of the same title.

She had heard reports of a cross of light (see photograph on the right) in a glass door-panel in the building, which had been confirmed by Benjamin Creme's Master to be created by Maitreya.When taking this photograph of the same door-panel she saw nothing unusual besides a leaflet with a reproduction of the painting. "Although there was nothing to see apart from an ordinary looking glass door, somehow I was sure the cross would appear on the photograph - and it did", she said.
(Source: Share International)
Editorial note
from: Share International, October 2000

Crosses of Light in Amsterdam

Readers of Share International will be aware of the increasing number of Crosses of Light which have been manifested throughout the world and charged with energy by Maitreya, the World Teacher.

Unlike many of the other Crosses of Light from around the world and published in Share International this one is much less cruciform and more like a diamond or a concave-sided square with four longer arms or extensions on each corner; this shape is contained within an oval. Looked at from inside it looks not unlike a huge hologram floating in space. The figure contains beautiful pastel shades of rose, grey-blue, golden-white and greengold.
(Source: Share International)
Editorial note
from: Share International, October 2000

Crosses of light in US

At the Gospel Temple Baptist Church in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, USA (southeast of Little Rock), crosses of light have appeared in seven different windows, and two healings have been reported.
(Source: Share International)
Editorial note
from: Share International, September 2000

Crosses in Seattle

Dear Editor,

in July 1999 I was in Seattle, Washington, for a course, and rented an apartment within the school building. The school and the apartments are housed in a humble one-storey grey building in the Northwest section of the city.

That night, when I went into the bathroom, my attention was drawn to a brilliant light in the frosted bathroom window. One of the bedroom windows looked out in the same direction and all I had seen there were the security lights extending a pyramid shape on the walls of the building at the back. But when I looked out of the bathroom window I was left breathless by a huge cross of light for every light-source on the outside. The size of each of the crosses reminded me of the ones I had seen in the Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee, in 1996. I couldn't believe my eyes, and I kept going back into the bathroom to check I wasn't dreaming. The director of the school had not heard from previous tenants about any crosses, and the other apartment had no frosted panes in the bathroom.

At first I couldn't determine whether I was uplifted by the energy emanating from the crosses or if I was just excited about seeing a cross in my window. I learnt from the Seattle Transmission group that crosses can appear without being manifested or energized by Maitreya. However, as the days passed by, I became convinced that it was a genuine cross of light that replenished my energy every time I was too tired to do my homework, and I felt utterly blessed.
G. A., Amsterdam, Holland.
(Source: Share International - Letters to the editor)
Editorial note
from: Share International, June 2000

Millennium miracle in Louisiana

Parishioners at the Greater Macedonia Baptist church in the small town of Port Sulphur, Louisiana, USA, had just finished celebrating mass on Christmas morning when one of them felt something burning into his back. At the same time it became very bright outside, even though the sun was not shining. They discovered that two crucifix-shaped lights had appeared in the church windows, with the appearance of a figure hanging from the cross.

Since Christmas Day the crosses, originally gold or bronze-coloured, have been steadily growing in intensity and thousands of visitors have inundated the tiny community, queueing outside to enter the church and witness the phenomenon. There are no external factors which could account for the manifestation: reporters from the local television station WVUE-TV have filmed the crosses and are convinced they are genuine. One visitor, Lucretia Hunter, returned home to Buras to find an identical cross of light shining in her bathroom window.

Parishioner Lois Gibson said that the crosses had "brought the whole community here closer together, irrespective of creed or nationality. It is a sign at the time of the millennium that it is possible for us all to live in harmony together."
(Source: The Planet on Sunday, UK)
Editorial note
from: Share International, January/February 2000

Cross of light in New Zealand

"A cross of light appearing in the window of a Devonport house has been hailed as another sign Christ has returned to the world." Thus begins a recent article, 'Cross of light sign of Christ', in the New Zealand Sunday News. The article continues: "Signwriter Paul Larkin told Sunday News the cross of light he noticed in his bathroom window was a sign of "something big" about to happen.

"It was spotted by Larkin three weeks ago, shortly after he moved into the house. He recognized it, having seen other crosses in Auckland and having learned about them at his Transmission Meditation group. "I'd been in the bath, hopped out and got changed. I came back and turned off the light and it was there." Larkin said the previous tenants in the house had not seen the cross.

He said the cross "appeared when I was down quite a lot, sorting through a lot of problems. It has really helped me through it." The article quotes "cross-sightings-follower, Buddy Piper" as saying the crosses were "signs (Christ-figure) Maitreya and the Masters are placing in the world ... to awaken humanity to the truth He is here".
(Source: New Zealand Sunday News, New Zealand)
from: Share International, October 1997

Star of David

Last December, Pastors Don and Opal Dalton of Flying Higher Ministries, a Pentecostal Church in Knoxville, Tennessee, went to see the crosses of light at the Copper Ridge Baptist Church (see Share International, July/August and September 1996), about five miles away. They noticed that the glass windows were the same as the ones in their own church. They returned to their church with a camera and flashlight, but were unable to see a cross. Undeterred, they returned night after night until an image resembling the Star of David appeared in their window. The image has remained ever since.
from: Share International, October 1996

Crosses of light in Slovenia

Benjamin Creme has authenticated seven crosses of light which recently appeared in the towns of Novo mesto, Koper, Ljubljana and Lenart in Slovenia. News of these manifestations has spread, creating much interest in the media.
from: Share International, July/August 1996

Cross of Light "a sign of the Second Coming"

Hundreds of people have visited the home of Carlos and Ines Alvarez in Bakersfield, California, since the couple discovered a large cross of light in their bathroom window on 7 March. The Alvarez' say they can see the cross especially well when the light is just right at about 8 am and 5 pm each day, and at night when the neighbours' lights are on. At other times during the day, the cross is visible when light is focused on the window.

As word spread about the cross, crowds began lining up at the Alvarez' house to see the phenomenon. While viewing the cross, people kneel and pray, say the rosary, cry, and even faint.

"A lot of people think it's a message God is trying to send us because we're in the last days," said Mrs Alvarez. According to the article: "The family has a copy of a locally produced video about the cross, which says: 'Christ is coming soon' across the bottom of the frame in Spanish. ... The family says a priest from Arvin told them the cross was a sign of the Second Coming."
(Source: Bakersfield Californian, USA)

Editorial note from: Share International May 1996

Orange County cross

On 21 May of this year, Maria Ortega of Orange County, in southern California, awoke from a deep sleep at about 3 am. She thought she heard a baby crying and got up to investigate. She walked through the house, listening for the source of the baby's cry. When she turned on the light to look in the bathroom, she heard a loud rush of wind. Then she saw the cross in the window and fell to her knees and cried.

Since then, life has changed completely for the 12 members of the Ortega family who share the house. Maria Ortega says she feels more spiritual. George, her 21-year-old son, has stopped drinking. And then there is the constant stream of visitors who come into their home, file through the living room and into the bathroom to stand in the tub and look at the cross.

Three hundred to seven hundred people stop by each day. At four in the morning, a mother with a baby knocks on the door. Maria's husband, Margarito Ortega, says that although he feels "a little tired", he cannot deny people the right to see the cross. Says family member David Ortega: "I think it's a message to everybody. Something's going to happen, but we don't know what."
(Source: Orange County Register, USA)
from: Share International, August/September 1994

Riviera Beach cross

A Cross of Light has appeared in the bathroom window of Ida Rollins' house in Riviera Beach, Florida. People are so moved by it that they have been flocking to see it -- so many that the Riviera Beach police have had to put barricades up on the street to keep the cars out. A radio announcer called it "the miracle of 37th street." In spite of the crush of people around her home, Rollins believes it is a sign from God, a message of hope for one of the poorest areas in town.
(Source: Miami Herald, USA)
from: Share International, August/September 1994

Crosses of Light in the Philippines

The very objective articles published in Newsday Philippines include their reporters' personal reactions after witnessing the 'crosses of light' phenomenon. News editor Julian V. Cruz expressed it as follows:

"It was mid-afternoon. With a score of neon lights on and sunlight streaming through two windows, there could be no occasion for hocus-pocus. The piece of glass was set up on its box like a picture frame. It looked exactly like any other piece of frosted glass, almost opaque, one could not see through. A flashlight was pointed at it and switched on and there appeared this even-armed cross of light seemingly within a diamond-shaped aura.

Somebody placed another switched-on flashlight beside the first and two crosses appeared. The flashlights were switched off. The crosses disappeared. They were switched on again, the crosses reappeared.

The usually boisterous newsroom was silent. Our inimitable funman, Managing Editor Teddy Berbano, who could squeeze out of even the most serious occasion the most hilarious joke, had no punch-line, or any line, this time. As stated earlier, the phenomenon was awe-inspiring, or, at the very least, intriguing."
(Source: Philippines Newsday, 22 March 1991)
from: Share International, May 1991

Crosses in Louisiana

In a suburb of New Orleans, four foot-tall crosses of white and gold light appeared suddenly in the bathroom window of a 61- year-old pipefitter who had been praying to St Jude for help with his failing eyesight. The man and his wife have had to set up evening viewing hours to accommodate the hundreds who come to see what they believe is a miracle. There are no internal or external lights which could be casting the images against the glass, and the pipefitter reports he has regained part of his sight since the crosses appeared, although he readily agrees his doctor's injection also helped.

In a related development, television producer Dan Meenan of the US tabloid program Hard Copy, told Share International contributor and video producer Frances Robinson that after filming a story about a previous manifestation of a cross in Louisiana a cross appeared on the videotape which had not been present during the original shooting. Meenan said that on a production which attempted to document an alleged cross appearing in the Louisiana sky in 1989, they were not able to see the cross in the sky on tape, but that they did an interview with a Catholic priest who was at the scene of its appearance just outside New Orleans.

It was later in the studio that the cross appeared, superimposed on the image of the priest, stated Meenan. He saw it while they were editing. "It was as clear as could be and had nothing to do with the image of the priest; it hadn't been there when we interviewed him; we went over it five times to be sure it was there, and it looked exactly the same to me each time", even though the editor he was working with couldn't see it.

from: Share International, January/February 1991

New wave of crosses

Crosses of light* are still manifesting on windows in California. A recent report in the Los Angeles Times outlines similar crosses appearing in bathroom windows in Montecito Heights, Los Angeles, as they were in 1988 in El Monte. Two and sometimes three images appear simultaneously in the shape of crosses in the frosted glass.

These new crosses can be viewed from outside into the bathroom window, but this time through etched glass, according to the LA Times. When the source of light is turned off the images disappear. In spite of the pessimism of the local clergy who as usual insist on commonplace causes for this phenomenon, the local response has been enormous, with queues stretching up the block - armed with videos and cameras - and the crowds are still growing.

* See articles by Carrol Joy and Frances Robinson and photographs in Share International July/August 1988 (Vol. 7, No. 6) and September 1988 (Vol. 7, No. 7).
Source: Share International, October 1990

The cross on the window

As happens with increasing frequency, a very ordinary citizen has found himself gazing with awe upon what he and many others believe to be a sign from God. In Altadena, California, near Los Angeles, hundreds of people tramp through the home of Reverend P.G. Pierce and his family to see the brilliant image of a cross shining through the bathroom window.

According to the Pasadena Star-News, which ran a photo of the cross, the image appears to be shining through the window from the outside, but when people go into the back yard to find the source of the phenomenon, there is nothing to be found. Only when one stands inside, looking out, can the cross be seen - a phenomenon reminiscent of a hologram in which a threedimensional image is only visible from certain angles.

Pierce, an evangelistic minister, believes that the cross is a sign of Jesus Christ's return. Commenting on the phenomenon, the Los Angeles Herald Examiner observes that ,,whether or not a miracle exists, it is clear that many people in Los Angeles want desperately to see and touch a fingerprint of the Creator... All but the most committed of atheists would like to have a sign - any sign. Everyone wants to know that we are here for a reason, and that a higher entity stopped by to tell us so."
Source: Share International, October 1986

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