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Witnessing crosses of light

by Buddy Piper

In June 2000, an amazing display of miracles manifested overnight in a small 80-year old church in Pine Bluff, Arkansas - seven healing crosses of light in seven windows in the Gospel Temple Missionary Baptist Church. Many people around the world who have seen similar beautiful, shimmering crosses of light report healing of some type - spiritual, emotional or physical.

Local press in Pine Bluff and Little Rock covered the story extensively, and the internet spread the news all over the world, drawing thousands of people to see the crosses. I contacted Betty Foster in Pine Bluff, the aunt of Brit Murray, the 12 year old boy who discovered the crosses in the church. Betty said the windows had been in the church about 40 years and there had been no crosses in them until June 2000. "To me," she explained, "they are signs from God. I feel everyone should see them so I have been volunteering almost every day to help. It's so satisfying to see people touched by their beauty."

Debra Long, a nurse in Pine Bluff, told me: "I took both my children to see the crosses. I had lived near Los Angeles several years ago and heard healing crosses had appeared in bathroom windows in nearby El Monte, California, but I never went to see them because I didn't believe they were real. When I heard they were in Pine Bluff where we lived now and read about them and other miracles in the Share International web page, I felt I must go see them in person.

"As a nurse who's seen everything, I believed I'd never be emotional again over anything. How wrong could I be? The first one I saw took my stomach on a rollercoaster ride and I ended up on my knees. Tears started flowing from my eyes as I felt like a heavy warm coat was wrapped around my shoulders."

Lazeter Rayford, a Vietnam veteran, reported: "When I came home from the war, I felt like a lost soul. I tried for many years to find my way. In and out of depression, always searching for a way to make a living and just as it seemed possible, something blocked my way. From continued stress, I
became a diabetic and sick. It seemed hopeless.

"Right after the war, I had applied for my veteran's benefits, which should have given me $600 or $700 a month survival money, but somehow through
the years, it never came although I asked again and again."

On my knees
"When the crosses came, I was one of the first to come see them and I was so glad. I fell on my knees and gave thanks for them. I decided to come to help show them every night the church was open because I didn't want to leave them. I helped every night for six weeks, watching thousands of
people, from drug addicts to old folks, from prostitutes to people who've never been inside a church in their life, all of them happy to be there.

"I started feeling better and better and now I don't have to take medication for my diabetes and I feel fine. But that's not the only good thing that's
happened to me. I got a letter from the United States Government. They found my records recently and were writing to tell me I would get backpay
plus interest from the time the war was over. They were pleased to be able to send me over $900,000, with an apology! I feel pretty good about that."

Crosses of light in windows of Arkansas church
photo: Isabel Carr

Source: Share International

Editorial note

from: Share International December 2000

Reprinted courtesy of © Share International

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