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Cross of light in Argentina

by Carmen Font

In 1992, a cover story about a cross of light appearing in Argentina was published in the Argentinian magazine Sin límites. In a recent interview the article's author Carlos A.Molinah revealed that the media never showed an interest in this event, and that the miracle largely passed unnoticed.

As the article related, a cross of light appeared on 25 August 1991 in the house of José and Reina, a young couple living in the town of Ingeniero Maschwitz, Escobar, 35 km northwest of the capital Buenos Aires. At dusk on that day they saw a cross formation in a window of their living room, which at first took the form of a silver cross. The caramelcoloured glass, flat on one side and slightly protruding on the other, was set in an exterior window looking onto the street.

José tells how the Madonna appeared to him in a dream, asking them to pray and build a small chapel in the house. Since José is a builder, he built one rightaway near the window, and put a small statue of the Madonna in it.

Word spread like wildfire: when neighbours knew of the appearance of the cross, they rushed to the couple's house to observe the phenomenon. People from other provinces soon flocked to the area, too. Healings were reported, and many saw the Madonna, or a kind of blue cloak around the cross. Others could feel an overwhelming energy in the place. Reactions were varied, but the event left noone unaffected.

Carlos Molina, a philosopher and a 'nonCatholic', travelled to see it: "I went there to describe objectively what I saw, and I think my attitude was
openminded. I wasn't predisposed to believe or disbelieve in this appearance, but I was certainly not eager to discredit the phenomenon."

What Molina saw was, indeed, a cross of light appearing in a windowpane, visible at night both from outside and inside the house. He took some photographs but Reina was concerned that the cross probably would not come out in the photograph. She said many people, including some television journalists with hightech equipment had taken photographs, with no results. When he developed the film, however, the cross was clearly visible, appearing exactly as he had seen them. These photographs are the only ones available of the phenomenon.

"My attitude must have been the correct one," Molina remarks, "because I didn't make any hasty conclusions about what I witnessed. Journalists and
other professionals tried to look for a scientific explanation of this event. Even the Church and the local archbishop didn't pay it particular attention. But I can only say there is not a scientific explanation for this phenomenon: some scientists put forward the theory that since a side of the glass surface is pyramidal, the light going through it gets polarized. But in fact everyone realized that was not the case. The cross was clearly visible from all sides,
with light coming either from inside or outside the house."

Although the cross remained for quite a long time, it is no longer there today, according to Carlos Molina; José and Reina have since moved away
and cannot be traced.

"After the excitement it produced, and the many people it attracted, interest in the event faded," notes Molina. "My impression when I visited José and
Reina, months after the first appearance of the cross, was that they were somewhat downhearted. They clearly understood the event as a miraculous
manifestation of the Madonna or Jesus, but were disappointed that it was not more extensively reported. Out of that cross, they said, irradiated a strong energy of love; everyone could feel it. And the world desperately needs nowadays to respond to this energy of love."

Many local people shared the same feeling: "These happenings are something good for our current difficult times," said a young female teacher. "People need clear signs which prop up their faith and hope."

Molina acknowledges that the experience of seeing the cross of light was impressive and genuine. "Maybe those who follow up these wondrous
events happening around the world, and draw parallels with other similar phenomena, can reach interesting and meaningful conclusions. We must
understand that we are entering a different, new time; the sign of the times - as St Paul would have said - has to be recognized by ourselves from the

Source: Share International

Editorial note

from: Share International December 2000

Reprinted courtesy of © Share International

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