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Crosses of light in New Zealand

Crosses of light first appeared in the United States in 1988, and since then more have been discovered in many other countries, including the Philippines, Japan, Germany, Slovenia, France, Canada and New Zealand.

The crosses conform to a particular pattern: a brilliant even-armed cross within a diamond shape. They appear in frosted glass and give the impression of floating suspended in mid-air, between the glass and the light source. Many who witness these crosses receive healing, find their faith strengthened, and are given a renewed hope in the future.

In February 1994 crosses of light appeared in three bathroom windows in a house in Auckland, New Zealand, just after Benjamin Creme had stayed there while visiting Auckland to conduct a public lecture and Transmission Meditation. The owners of the house removed the windows and sent a pane and a half to the physics professor at the University of Auckland. One shattered while being removed, and the other half-pane was given to members of a local Transmission Meditation group. (This has since broken, and pieces - all containing the cross shape - have been distributed to various groups in New Zealand and Australia).

Since 1994 several more crosses have been discovered in the Auckland area: Beachhaven (1997): A cross, which appeared in a bathroom window, has since been used as an aid in the house-owner's work: conducting healing sessions with clients.

Devonport (1997): A cross appeared in a Transmission Meditation member's window (see Share International September 1997) who also uses it as part of his healing work. A piece taken from the side is displayed at New Age fairs, with the intention of sharing this 'miracle' with the general public.

Glen Innes (1998): A cross appeared in the door-pane inside a house owned by the daughter of a Transmission Meditation group member.

Balmoral (1998): A cross of light was discovered by a woman who had photographed some of the previous crosses of light, in the women's bathroom of a cinema that runs Indian language films.

Bucklands Beach (1999): A cross of light was noticed in a door-pane of a house owned by the people who run many of New Zealand's New Age fairs. It is illuminated by the light from a television set behind it, and so constantly changes colour.

Epsom (2000): A cross of light was discovered by a Transmission Meditation group member when he went for a walk on Easter Sunday. The cross is located in the bathroom window of a retirement home near the meditation group venue.

Newton (August 2000): Crosses of light were discovered by the same group member who had a cross appear in his Devonport house (1997). They are located in two windows of the women's bathroom at St Benedict's Catholic Church.

For further information write to: Auckland Transmission Meditation group, PO Box 24-344, Royal Oak, Auckland, New Zealand. A selection of photographs of the crosses of light is featured on the following website:

Source: Share International

from: Share International October 2000

Reprinted courtesy of © Share International

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