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The Second Coming, UFOs, and the future of humanity

Interview with Giorgio Bongiovanni by Monte Leach

A young Italian man, Giorgio Bongiovanni, says that in 1989 he had many miraculous contacts with the Virgin Mary and, since that time, with Jesus. Both Mary and Jesus have given him information regarding the secrets of Fatima*, as well as the Second Coming of Christ, contact with UFOs, and other topics. In addition, Bongiovanni daily experiences stigmata - unexplained bleeding from his hands, feet, forehead, and chest, mirroring the wounds on the crucified body of Jesus. Giorgio travels the globe presenting his message. He has met with Queen Sophia of Spain, Mikhail Gorbachev and other top officials in Russia, and has spoken at the United Nations. His goal is to "sensitize the consciousness of humanity to the great changes about to occur in the world." Share International's US editor Monte Leach interviewed Bongiovanni.

Monte Leach: You have had some rather extraordinary experiences. How did these begin?

Giorgio Bongiovanni: I am from Sicily originally, and was trained in a spiritual way by Eugenio Siragusa, a man who is quite famous in Italy. He taught me about the spiritual path, and gave me teachings about the cosmos, Jesus, and many other subjects. I moved to Porto Sant Elpidio, farther north in Italy, to live and work. I had a small company that produced accessories for shoes. That was my job, but I dedicated my life to spiritual matters. I founded a spiritual magazine called Nonsiamosoli [We are not alone].

One day when I was coming back from work I had a vision. I saw this woman, and she told me that she was Miriam. The original name of the Virgin Mary was Miriam, so I recognized her as the Virgin Mary. In the beginning I didn't tell anyone about the experience, but later I had to, because I kept on having these experiences. I kept on seeing this woman. She was blonde, in a white dress, and had a rose on her chest. She was very luminous, very bright. She was made of light.

ML: So you were just walking down the street ...

GB: Yes. I was going to get my car to go home, as I did every day. And I saw her standing next to my car. I had the first vision in April 1989. She
then prepared me spiritually, and gave me some personal messages, some things that I had to learn to prepare myself for this mission. After many visions she asked me to go to Fatima [Portugal]. She said she was going to give me a sign that the world would see. So I went there, and saw the Holy Virgin once again, and she gave me the stigmata in my hands.

That was on 2 September 1989. I received the stigmata and a message. She asked me if I wanted to carry some of Jesus Christ's pain, and I accepted. From that moment, I started my mission.

ML: What did the Virgin Mary's message say?

GB: The main message was about the third secret of Fatima. Three young shepherds received the three messages of Fatima in 1917. The first two messages are known, the church made them public, but the third one has been kept secret up to this moment. It talks about a crisis that would involve
the highest hierarchy of the church, and this prophecy says that we will face catastrophes and a third world war if we do not repent and convert ourselves.

Mankind will face a period of darkness, but all those who have given their lives in favour of life, who have realized universal values in general, independent of which religion they belong to or what beliefs they have, those who have devoted their lives for others and have obeyed His teachings,
will be saved.

The third secret of Fatima also concerns the return of Jesus Christ and the fact that mankind is going to have contact with inhabitants from other planets. I was told that all mankind will realize that we are not alone in the universe. We will understand that many of these beings are much more evolved than us, not only on a psychological level, but above all on a spiritual level. And I was asked to talk about what Jesus Christ tried to teach
us, the fact that we have to love one another, that we have to respect the planet, to respect one another, exactly what he taught us 2,000 years ago. I
was asked to spread this message to the world.

Beings of light

ML: You have said that spiritual beings of light are creating signs to sensitize humanity to their presence. Who are these beings of light and what
are the signs they are giving to humanity to sensitize us to their presence?

GB: The evolution of these beings has been much faster than ours and they are much more evolved than us. They are in a different dimension and that's why they are made of light. They have the capability of manipulating matter because of their evolution. The kind of science they have is much more evolved than ours, but they have given to many contactees, including myself and many others, important suggestions about, for example, what to do with nuclear weapons, what we should do to create a better life on earth.

Summarized in two words, it would be to have science together with consciousness. At the moment we just have science. We never see what the effects of our actions are, so we just do what we want at the moment without thinking about the future. We should create and make new discoveries, but we should think about the consequences of these discoveries. That's something we have never done.

ML: Who are these beings of light? Are they from other planets?

GB: There are beings that come from different planets, who can be more evolved than us or like us. But there are different beings, like these made of
light, who come from a different dimension. These different dimensions can be from everywhere. There are many universes.

ML: Is Jesus in touch with these other spiritual beings? Is Jesus one of these spiritual beings?

GB: Yes, He is in contact with them. We cannot say that He is one of them. He is a very evolved spirit who had a mission. He incarnated as Christ, the living intelligence that Christ represents, and went to different planets, where He was accepted. They didn't crucify Him as we have done, but
accepted Him, accepted the revelation and His message, so that's why they evolved. These beings of light are together with Him and will accompany
Him when He returns to earth.

ML: You have also said: "A being of light plans to show himself to the world and all will be able to see him." Are you talking about Jesus coming back,
or are you talking about another being of light?

GB: All mankind will see Jesus, the man we know. And He will be accompanied by other beings made of light, who will be with Him to show us that we are not alone in the universe and that we should have a cosmic vision of life.

ML: Do you have any other information regarding the Second Coming of Christ?

GB: Yes, the Second Coming of Jesus was included in the third secret of Fatima. The Virgin Mary told me that He is not expected, but will come back. In other words, He will come back, but no one expects to see Him so soon. I do not know the exact date, but I know that now is the time. As it was written in the Bible, He will come and probably no one will be aware that He is here and that He has come back. But eventually everybody will
realize it.

ML: Are you still in communication with the Virgin Mary today, or did it just happen in Fatima? Does it continue on?

GB: I am in contact with Jesus Christ, no longer the Virgin Mary. I bleed every day from my feet, hands, chest and forehead, and during this state of
bleeding I see Jesus and receive messages. Sometimes these are personal messages, and sometimes for mankind which I spread to the world.

ML: When you were given the stigmata, were you told the reason for them and the suffering you undergo?

GB: Carrying part of Jesus Christ's pain is to remind mankind that He is still suffering, that we haven't done what He asked of us. The second reason is
that these signs are powerful because they can sensitize people's consciousness. People in the world need to see the evidence that something extraordinary is taking place. They want to see, to touch something, to believe. It signifies that things like spirituality and the existence of other spiritual beings are real. It is to show people that these matters are a reality, not simply a matter of opinion.

ML: And you said that one of the reasons for the stigmata is that we're not listening to what Jesus told us 2,000 years ago.

GB: Not only not listening. We are not putting into practice what He asked us to do. Maybe we have listened to what He said, but practically, we
haven't done what He asked us to do.

ML: What did He ask us to do?

GB: The first thing Jesus told us was to love one another as He did. This is the first thing we should do. And then put into practice love, respect, justice, and all the teachings we know about that we have read in the Gospels or the Bible. He has given us an example of sacrifice, and we should sacrifice ourselves in the name of love, show love to everybody who is near us, and not be selfish. We should love life, consider it a gift, and respect everything that is alive.

Changing the world

ML: What does humanity have to do to change the world so that we don't destroy ourselves?

GB: Everyone in his own private life can do something in favour of life. It doesn't matter who you are - a doctor, teacher, or a simple human being.
You should do something in favour of life. For example, teaching our children about respecting the planet, respecting people, and giving a new consciousness to future generations. Changing a little bit every day, in everything we do.

ML: Since you began your mission in 1989, do you see positive changes happening in the world, or has it become worse?

GB: On the one hand, I have seen many people change their lives and listen to what I am saying very carefully. People are more open to this message,
more open-minded, more sensible. Consciousness is changing in our world at the moment. Many positive things are happening. But on the other hand,
we have to be realistic and see that many horrible things are also happening.

It is positive and negative. It is important for me to give hope and positive teachings to people, because people who do not hear something positive
cannot change. It is important to be realistic and see how things are, but be positive enough to change them, because if you're not positive you can't
change anything.

ML: Do you have any information regarding the economic situation in the world? Some have predicted a stock market crash.

GB: Mankind will have to face a very dark moment, because when the truth about Jesus, and about these beings from other planets, is made public, all the institutions and powers we have on earth - economic, political and religious - will collapse, because this truth will set the people free to think.
When you are free to think, you don't trust anyone who wants you to think what they want. This truth will be quite revolutionary.

ML: Is there anything we can do to prevent this "dark moment" from happening? Can we avoid that, for example, by encouraging our governments to change policies?

GB: Of course we could do it if governments, for example, would abolish weapons and if the laws we have on earth were fair for everyone. And we
should change as soon as we can. The sooner we change, the better results we will have. We could change our way of living without facing any crisis.
We will change in any case, so it's up to us. We can change in a 'softer' way, doing our best to change everyday life, so that it would be automatic
without any need of crisis. But if we do not change things, we will change in any case but through a difficult time.

ML: How do you feel about the future? Do you have a sense of hope?

GB: Even if I cannot say that everything will be beautiful, I know that we have to face up to it. I feel hopeful, especially when I look at the children, at
the new generation. I am very hopeful that if we teach this new generation these new positive values, they will have a better future.

ML: Is there any other message you would like to give to the readers of our magazine?

GB: The first thing is to love life in every form. And to work and co-operate with one another. It doesn't matter what beliefs we have. It doesn't matter
who we are or what we believe in or what church we belong to - just cooperate and help each other to change things, because this third millennium
could be very beautiful and very positive. We will all work together despite our exterior differences.

* On 13 May 1917, in Fatima, Portugal, three peasant children named Lucia, Jacinta, and Francisco were tending their parents' flock when, in a flash of lightning, they were confronted with "a lady brighter than the sun" sitting in the branches of a tree. This vision of the Virgin Mary returned on the 13th day of the next five months, culminating in the 'Miracle of the Sun' on 13 October when a swirling ball of fire cured the illnesses of some of the
thousands who gathered to witness the Virgin Mary's appearance.

Throughout these manifestations, the children remained the only ones actually to see the Virgin, and only one of the girls, Lucia, could communicate with her. To Lucia were revealed the three Secrets of Fatima. The first was a message of peace (this was during World War I) and a vision of hell, with anguished souls plunged into an ocean of fire. The second secret prophesied that Russia would "spread her errors through the world, causing wars and persecution against the Church."

The third secret has never been divulged; it lies in a drawer in the Vatican, read by each Pope on his accession, but supposedly too horrible to be

Source: Share International June 1998

Reprinted courtesy of © Share International

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