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Dutch television viewers watching a programme entitled Healing and Faith, made by the Evangelical Broadcasting company, were recently given the opportunity to hear eyewitness accounts of miraculous healings and of many places in the Middle East where "the man in white" is known.

A documentary made in a slum area of Cairo provided evidence of numerous inexplicable, miracle cures, stating that they are on the increase. Many of the miracles are associated with a priest and his remarkable church which he and parishioners built in response to a call from God. A Coptic priest, Father Saman, was asked by God to build a church to serve the people and bring them hope, since the slumdwellers of Moccotan are despised for being rubbish-collectors and for living virtually in and on the garbage tips. The church was quarried out of a huge rocky ridge which runs through that part of the outskirts of Cairo. Father Saman and the local doctor and people have witnessed amazing events, usually miracles of healing.

Dramatic stories told by now-healed men and women highlight the astounding incidents which take place in an area which outsiders might be tempted to call "God-forsaken". Close-ups of X-rays were shown of horrific, sometimes near-fatal injuries resulting in paraplegia and crushed vertebrae. The local doctor described the healing of a patient with terrible injuries -- an ear-to-ear crack in a skull and severe brain haemorrhage. The healing followed several hours' prayer and "a message from God" telling the priest that an operation would not be necessary because He Himself would cure the man. The interviewer saw X-rays showing the extent of the cranial damage. The doctor also took X-rays after the healing which showed a skull free from any sign of injury.

In another case the doctor told of a woman whose back was crushed by a 5-ton block of stone which pinned her to the ground. It took 40 men to remove the stone; the woman was rushed to the local clinic and was operated on but nevertheless ended as a paraplegic. Prayer and "God's healing power" cured her; she now walks and functions absolutely normally. The crushed vertebrae are sound and her back is straight. She has recovered full control of all bodily functions.

" ... I heard a loud noise like the sound of many broken bones reassembling themselves, pulling together again," the doctor said as he described a man very badly injured in a fall near the church of Father Saman. Before he had time to complete his diagnosis of severe skeletal injury -- including a broken pelvis and thigh bone -- the doctor saw the man gain consciousness and look up. A few minutes later he was on his feet and walking with no sign of pain or injury. Asked his professional opinion, the doctor smiled broadly and answered that medicine had nothing to match the power of the Lord.

All the studio guests were people who had either witnessed or had themselves experienced healing. One, identified only as Joseph, and apparently himself of Middle Eastern origin, was introduced as an expert in the field of spiritual developments in that part of the world. When asked if such cases were unique, Joseph replied that while each instance of God's healing power is, of course, unique, there is mounting evidence to suggest that such miracles are more numerous than one might think. They are taking place all over the Middle East and the Gulf States.

The miracles are mainly of two types -- firstly those dealing with physical healing and secondly, the greater miracle, the changed lives of people transformed by spiritual experience. Joseph said that nothing in the past can compare with the heightened activity of God's work in the world in the last 10-15 years -- it is of far greater scale and magnitude than anything we have seen so far.

But it is not only Christians who are having experiences of Jesus or God; many Muslims also see him. People have visions and dreams and see Jesus. "Whole villages are visited by the "man in white robes"; people see him and recognize him. They call him Aisa, the Muslim Arabic name for Jesus." The man in white is now known to many.

Source: Evangelical Broadcasting Company, Holland

Editorial note

from: Share International July /August 1996

Reprinted courtesy of © Share International

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