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"Those who search for signs will find them..."

Maitreya, Message No. 10, November 1977

In November 1977, in the 10th message He gave through Benjamin Creme, Maitreya pointed out that His presence would be accompanied by "signs": "Those who search for signs will find them..."

Some 10 years later, in June 1988, Maitreya's associate indicated that the signs of Maitreya's presence in the world would continue to increase...
"He is going to flood the world with such happenings that the mind can never comprehend it."

Over the past few years Share International has reported on many such happenings but this is doubtless only a small proportion of those that thave been occurring all over the world.

We offer you the following synopsis in order to remind ourselves and you, our readers, of the scope and sometimes spectacular nature of these phenomena.

Maitreya, as He appeared in Nairobi, Kenya

The following reports are summarized from the news sources indicated. Many were subsequently reported in Share International (SI).

500 children at elementary school in the Philippines see vision in the sky of the Virgin and child riding in a chariot and accompanied by angels. (Sept 83 SI)

Since July 1985, hundreds of thousands have flocked to the Irish village of Ballinspittle, County Cork, Ireland, where a statue of the Virgin Mary has
been seen to rock forwards and move either one or both arms. (Sept 85 SI)

The statue of the Virgin Mary at Ballinspittle is moving again after vandals attacked the statue. The sculptor, Maurice O’Donnell, claims the statue did
not move while he was repairing it, but later the head has been seen to move again. (Jul/Aug 86 SI)

Since 24 June 1981, the Madonna has appeared daily to six children in Medjugorje, Yugoslavia. On the 25th of each month she gives a message to
the world through the children, urging people to return to the ways of God. She is also giving the six children a series of 10 secrets, or messages, over a period of time. Hundreds of thousands have made the pilgrimage to Medjugorje, where other extraordinary phenomena occur regularly. (Nov 85

ABC documents the Madonna of Medjugorje. (Oct 88 SI, report from May 88 ABC’s 20/20 magazine)

During their 155th day aboard the orbiting Salyut 7 space station, six Soviet cosmonauts witnessed, and later described in detail, a band of glowing angels with wings as big as jumbo jets. (March 86 SI, report from Weekly World News, Russia)

In Villarica, Paraguay, a woman reported having seen a vision of Christ after her nightly prayers. When it vanished, it left marks behind on the wall of her hut. She tried to touch it, but is was so hot it burned her hand. (Sept 86 SI)

Numerous visions of the Virgin have been reported by Christians and Muslims alike at an old Coptic church in a slum suburb of northern Cairo. Miracles of healing are reported to take place in the church which is never empty now. (Jan/Feb 87 SI)

Thousands are flocking each day to see ‘the weeping Virgin’ at a small Greek Orthodox church in Chicago. In early December 1986, the local priest first noticed streaks of moisture streaming from the eyes and hands of a painting of the Virgin Mary located behind the church altar. Emissaries from the Greek Orthodox Church determined that the tears were not a hoax. (March 87 SI, report from New York Times, USA)

Full-page newspaper article reports that throughout the world, but particularly in Italy, there is an enormous increase in reports of visions of the Virgin
Mary. (Jul/Aug 87 SI, report from De Telegraaf, Holland)

Between July and October1987, blood has flowed several times from the heart of a statue of Christ in the Italian city of Parma. (April 88 SI, report
from National Enquirer, USA)

Manifestations of the Virgin in Lubbock, Texas, began in February 1988 at St John Neumann Church. Messages were received by three of the parishioners. Crowds grew to 12,000 on 15 August, the Feast of the Assumption, and a number of miracles were reported. (Oct 88 SI, report from New York Times; Dallas Times Herald, USA)

On 25 July 1988, an 18-year-old girl, a prophet from Rwanda, arrived in the Mbuye region where AIDS is rampant. At an outdoor altar, the girl fell to her knees and spoke words she said came from the Virgin Mary. The Virgin asked her to return on 15 August, when she would reappear with a cure for AIDS. Crowds from Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania have flocked to the site. There are now those who say the Virgin has helped them in various ways, including curing AIDS. (Oct 88 SI, report from Washington Post, USA)

A devout member of the Greek Orthodox Church in Paris reported several miraculous experiences with an apparition of the Virgin Mary. During the
second of these experiences, oil began to flow from his hands. Hundreds have since witnessed the phenomenon, and extraordinary healings have been
associated with the oil. The French national news agency, AFP, interviewed the man and photographed the phenomenon inside the chapel. (Oct 88 SI, report from The Independent, UK)

Since Christmas 1984, people have been gathering outside the home of Alvaro and Petra Zamora to view what some believe is a miraculous image of
the Virgin Mary on the outside walls. (Dec 88 The Bakersfield Californian, USA)

Since 31 May 1982, three women have been receiving visions of and messages from the Virgin in a shrine near Blackwatertown village in Ireland. As at Medjugorje, people’s lives have been transformed for the good as a result of visiting the shrine. (Report from Irish News, Dublin, Ireland, Dec 88

The image of a man suspected to be Jesus Christ appeared on the wall of St Mary’s Catholic primary school. Reports said the picture disappeared after 10 minutes but stayed for several hours on the wall on a second appearance. The incident is the first in the history of the area. (Jan/Feb 89 SI, report from The Nigerian Chronicle, report from 3 Oct 88)

Between 8,000 and 10,000 people gathered in Tickfaw, Los Angeles, where they had been told the Virgin would appear. Various phenomena were
reported by the participants, including sightings of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. (Report from New Orleans Times-Picayune, USA; May 89 SI)

Thousands flocked to Tarpon Springs, Florida, on 20 July 89 to visit the Shrine of St Michael, where believers report seeing tears flowing from pictures of the Virgin Mary, the Christ child and angels. (Jul 89 Associated Press report in Tallahassee Democrat, USA)

On 2 June 1990 two girls from Cork first saw the Virgin on the wall at the side of the altar in the Church of Our Lady, County Galway, Ireland. A series of light blue patches have since appeared. (Report from The Sunday Correspondent, UK, Oct 90 SI)

Observers at St Dominic’s Catholic Church in Colfax, California, report an electric-blue outline of the Virgin which appears on the wall to the left of the statue of Christ. Over a period of minutes the image appears to move. (Sept 90 Reno Gazette Journal, USA)

Several parishioners of a Catholic church in Austin, Texas, say they witnessed a framed picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus bleed real blood. They also claim to have received messages from Jesus similar to those received by the children in Medjugorje. Others reported visions of a war scenario similar to what subsequently took place in the Persian Gulf. (Report from Austin American-Statesman, USA, March 91 SI)

Article about a dazzling vision of Jesus which appeared to the troops on 11 February 1991 for five minutes in the Saudi Arabian desert sky at sunset.
(May 91 SI; March 91 Sun, USA)

At the East Los Angeles home of Kuwaiti-born Nasreen, oil (or sometimes blood) flows from statues of the Virgin Mary that are kept on an altar. At
least two ‘crosses of shadow’ also appear on the walls of a bedroom, although there is no light source to create the shadows. There is even an
image of the Virgin on a window-screen. Many other phenomena also reported here. (April 91 SI)

An increased number of ‘sightings’ of Jesus Christ and Mary around the world is giving impetus to a conference on such apparitions in July 1991 in
Pittsburgh. Visionaries and mystics from Switzerland, the Soviet Union, Nicaragua and Ireland will join the gathering on ‘Apparitions of the Mother
of God and Her Divine Son.’ (26 April 91 Los Angeles Times, USA)

As a priest in Amman, Jordan, removed the cloth from the holy bread just before communion, the bread began to bleed profusely. The priest had just
mentioned the name of a bedridden parishioner in need of healing. At that moment, the man in question, who was at home on oxygen, felt compelled to take off his oxygen mask and go to the church. He arrived there healed. (July 91 SI, from Canadian Broadcasting Corp, Canada)

Two local New York news programmes reported that a vision of Jesus Christ was seen in the window of the Clinton Memorial Church in Newark, New Jersey. People who have seen the vision called it a miracle. (July 91 SI)

Report of unusual changes in black and white photos taken from pencil drawings of Sai Baba and Jesus. After six months, the original black/grey
outlines of the drawings looked as if they had been carefully drawn over with a gold crayon. The features of Jesus changed and became more lifelike and not unlike the image on the Shroud of Turin. (July 91 SI, letter from David Carr, UK)

On Friday 21 June 1991 on Television New Zealand Network One’s late evening news report on the stock market, an Auckland astrologer was giving his prognostications on the fortunes of the New Zealand stock market. Suddenly, and quite out of context, the face of the Master Jesus appeared, superimposed upon and occupying half of the TV screen. The image is described in detail. (Sept 91 SI, letter from Davina Darby and Astrida Kaneps, New Zealand).

Both women experienced the identical phenomenon, although they were viewing TV in their separate homes. With its July 1991 cover story ‘Do you believe in miracles?’ Life magazine became one of the first mainstream media sources in the US to acknowledge the thousands of unexplained ‘miraculous’ phenomena that have been occurring world-wide.... “I did a little digging,” said Peter Bonventre, senior editor of Life, “and it turned out there’d been a rash of sacred apparitions all over the world. There was also a boom in religious book sales.” Then he wondered: Are Americans turning to spiritual values as a reaction against the greed binge of the 80s? I think so. And along with the fall of Communism, there’s been a resurgence of the spirit in Eastern Europe too. There’s a worldwide spiritual revival, and its one of the great stories of our time. (Sept 91 SI, from July 1991 Life magazine, USA)

A statue of the Madonna which was carried through a religious procession in Boston, Massachusetts, appeared to blink briefly on a videotaped recording of the event. (Oct 91 SI, from Boston Herald, USA)

Visions of the Virgin Mary have been drawing crowds to a roadside shrine at the Society of St Paul in Ellsworth, Ohio. A 17-year-old high school boy began the vigils there after claiming he had talked with Mary. Some in the community report seeing images of Mary in the setting sun, while others say the sun spins or pulsates as it sets over the shrine. (Oct 91 SI, from 1 August Youngstown Vindicator, USA)

Hundreds of people have flocked to a Roman Catholic church in the rural town of Ware in central Massachusetts for a look at a figure of the Virgin
Mary that some say has shed tears. (31 Dec 91, New York Times, USA)

‘The Search for Mary’, Time magazine’s year-end cover story, seriously examines the grassroots revival of faith in the Virgin taking place world-wide,
including the many claimed sightings of the Virgin from Yugoslavia to Colorado in the past few years.... Thousands of people are flocking to a church in Santa Ana, California, amidst reports that a glowing apparition of the Virgin Mary appears on the blue tiles of a mosaic there each morning. (Jan 92 SI, from Orange County Register; Los Angeles Times, USA)

Hundreds are gathering around a tree in North Hollywood to see what they believe is an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe. A local Catholic priest is
comparing the image to a painting of the Virgin of Guadalupe. This week 200 people attended mass around the tree. Viewers say the image weeps or
becomes moist when the crowd prays. (25 March 92 Channel 5 Television News, Los Angeles, USA)

A Catholic parish priest in Lake Ridge, Virginia, Rev. James Bruse, has attracted national media attention, as well as thousands of visitors to the local
Catholic church, because of eye witness accounts that he causes statues of the Virgin Mary to weep tears and blood, and that he has stigmata on his wrists and feet mirroring the wounds of Christ. (May 92 SI, from Washington Post and Baltimore Sun, USA)

At St Jude Orthodox Church in Barberton, Ohio, tears are reported to flow from the Virgin’s eyes on the two-by-four painting. Father Roman, like many of the visitors to the church, believes the event in Barberton is a miracle, a sign of compassion from God. (May 92 SI, from Knight Ridder Newspapers, USA)

A 15-year-old girl, Samira Hannoch, says she has experienced a miracle. The holy Lebanese Saint, Charbel, she says, appeared to her at her home near Stockholm, dressed in dark clothes and with a cross in His hand. Samira, He said, would put out the fire which divides the church in two: Syrian and Asyrian. Thousands of pilgrims flock to her family’s apartment where she blesses them with holy oil which flows out from the picture of the Saint.
There have been miraculous healings as a result. (May 92 SI, from the Guardian, UK, and Swedish newspapers)

More than 10,000 a day sometimes come to the little town of Tlacote, Mexico, to visit Jesus Chahin’s well and to take away a can or two of the
now-famous miracle water which is said to have cured everything from AIDS and cancer to obesity and high cholesterol. (May 92 SI, from Washington Post, USA)

Wayne Peterson of Washington DC reports that his father had been diagnosed with intestinal cancer, which had eaten holes through his intestines.
His father took some of the water from the Tlacote, Mexico, well for several days. A visit to a new group of doctors only days later showed there was no evidence of cancer and all body functions appeared to be normal. (June 92 SI)

In Nicaragua several people report they have met Jesus and have been healed of illnesses. Their accounts have been published in the local newspapers. (June 92 SI, from Trouw, Netherlands)

Share International co-worker visits Tlacote, Mexico, and brings back miracle water to be transferred into homoeopathic potency by London homoeopathic pharmacy. (Article by Gill Fry, Sept 92 SI)

Picture of Christ with crown of thorns materializes on a photograph of a blank television screen after a man drinks and is healed by Tlacote water. (Sept 92 SI)

Images of Jesus and the Virgin of Guadalupe have appeared in the window of a small apartment building in Long Beach, California. A steady stream of visitors now comes to the building to pray and pay homage to the images. (July/Aug 92 SI, from Long Beach Press-Telegram, USA)

The healing waters of the oldest Mary Shrine in the US drew 2,000 people to services on Easter Sunday 1992. The spring at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes, on the grounds of Mount St Mary’s College in Emmitsburg, Maryland, has reportedly cured ailments from deafness to tuberculosis. The Virgin Mary appeared to one of the visionary children of Medjugorje during his visit to the Shrine in November 1990. (July/Aug 92 SI, from Baltimore Sun, USA)

Miracle sites in the US featured in the CBS News magazine 48 Hours. (Sept 92 SI)

Photographs are taken which, when developed, reveal the image of Jesus or the Virgin Mary, not visible at the time the picture is taken. (Various dates and places)

The mysterious hitchhiker
In one month a New Zealand newspaper received no fewer than a dozen reports of angels taking lifts with Christians and informing them about Christ’s imminent return before mysteriously disappearing from the moving car. Traffic officers claim they have received ‘x’ number of similar reports.
(16 Nov 90 Christian Challenge Weekly, New Zealand)

While driving in Dallas, a man’s wife and a girlfriend picked up a hitchhiker who told them The Christ is in the World. He then disappeared from the back of the car. Seven other similar cases were phoned in to a local radio talk show. (April 91 SI, letter from Harriet Card, Memphis, Tennessee, recounting story told to her by man attending a Benjamin Creme Dallas lecture)

Numerous people driving on the Natchez Trace (between Natchez, Massachusetts, and Nashville, Tennessee) report picking up a hitchhiker who
claimed to be Jesus and then disappeared. Park rangers said there were many similar reports. (April 91 SI, letter from Elinor McMullen, Maben,
Massachusets, recounting story told to her by a niece who heard the discussion at her Methodist Church)

A member of the Dutch Reformed Church heard the story at his Bible class: a motorist picks up a hitchhiker along the motorway. A conversation develops on spiritual matters and the subject of the future Kingdom of God crops up. The hitchhiker announces that Jesus will appear again soon and disappears in the same way as at the supper at Emmaus. The motorist is so shaken by the experience that he parks his car on the hard shoulder to recover from the shock. Here he is approached by some traffic policemen to whom he tells the story. They reply: “You are the eighth motorist who has told us this”. (April 91 SI, quote from the Christian daily newspaper Trouw, Netherlands)

Report of phonecall from a young woman who had been in a car which picked up a man who spoke of Maitreya and then disappeared from the car.
(July/Aug 91 SI, letter from John O’Donnell, New Zealand)

In Australia in February 1992 there were reports of the hitchhiker being given several lifts just north of Sydney. Having announced that the Christ is in the world and that they would see Him soon, He disappeared from the cars. (April 92 SI)

Report of encounter with a ‘disappearing’ hitchhiker in 1977 or 1978. (Sept 92 SI, letter from John Turner, Ohaeawai, New Zealand)

Crosses of light
Hundreds visit the Altadena, California, home of Rev. P.G. Pierce to see the brilliant image of a cross shining through the bathroom window. (Oct 86 SI, reports from Pasadena Star-News and Los Angeles Herald Examiner, USA)

Crosses of light were seen through the bathroom windows at 12334 Kerrwood Street and 4010 Cedar Street in El Monte, California. Police ultimately barricaded Cedar Street as thousands flocked to witness the ‘miracle.’ (27 May 88 Pasadena Star-News, USA)

While preparing a video documentary, Frances Robinson visits 10 El Monte, California, homes where crosses have appeared, and hears stories of
numerous others in Baldwin Park, Montebello, La Puente and East Los Angeles. Reports from residents and visitors indicate many healings and
personal transformations are experienced by those who witness the crosses. (Sept 88 Whole Life Times and Sept 88 SI)

Up to three crosses appear on the bathroom window at Alejandrina Carmona’s home in Montecito Heights, California. Carmona claims that at
times she can also see the Virgin Mary, Jesus on the Crucifix and another image of Jesus as a child. (17 Aug 90 Los Angeles Times, USA and Oct 90

Cross of light appears at home of Alexandria Marlow, Los Angeles. (17 Nov 90)

At the home of Leo and Loretta Alphonso in Violet, Los Angeles, there now appears a radiant panorama of crosses, elaborate foot-tall figures that are tapered at the ends and appear set off in the distance. Three of them glow in white and one in gold. Some see a red cross that floats past the others. (23 Nov 90 The Dallas Morning News, USA)

Easter Sunday morning 1991, in Manila, the hand of Christ appears in a photo of a pane of glass which produces a Cross of Light. The hand was not visible to any of the worshippers present. (July/Aug 91 SI, letter from Hector Fernandez, Manila)

Estrella Narvadez reports the appearance of several crosses at the clinic of Dr Benjamin Ching. (26 Sept 91 Newsday, the Philippines)

Report of cross appearing to Hughette, a French masseuse. Following the experience she felt, in her hands, a new energy, something connected to a
new joy in her heart. Many of her clients subsequently noticed that their illnesses were very much improved after her treatments. (Oct 91 SI, letter
from Frances Robinson)

Recently, a new cross of light appeared in a Baldwin Park home, north east of Los Angeles. The resident first saw the cross, formed in her window by a nearby freeway light, during a powercut. Since then, many visitors have come to see it. Some have been moved to tears and others have knelt to pray. (22 Feb 92 Pasadena Star-News, USA)

Experiences of Maitreya
Patricia Pitchon describes her first attendance at Benjamin Creme’s lecture in London where Creme’s rosy-cheeked, blue-eyed face disappeared and in its place, surrounded by a brilliant blaze of white light, there appeared a magnificent, unforgettable visage: smooth, golden-brown skin, large dark
almond-shaped eyes, set widely apart, a classic medium-sized nose and high cheekbones. (Sept 83 SI, letter)

Patricia Pitchon, visiting an Asian-community restaurant with a friend, sees in person the man she has previously seen as a ‘vision’ while attending one of Creme’s lectures. (2 Dec 84 The Sunday Times, UK)

About 6,000 worshippers at Muslim Village, Kawangware, Nairobi, believe they saw Jesus Christ on 4 June 1988. The tall figure of a bare-footed, whiterobed and bearded man appeared from nowhere and stood in the middle of the crowd. He then addressed the crowd in clear Swahili and reminded them to live to the teachings of the Bible. He departed in as mysterious a manner as he had appeared. Photographs taken at the scene were carried by major news media around the world including CNN. (Sept 88 SI; 22 June 88 Kenya Times, Kenya)

“On 16 March a few minutes after 10 am, a young man materialized in front of me, in the flat I’m living in, in Rennes, (France). I was sitting in front of
my desk busy writing, when he suddenly appeared, sitting in the chair facing me, in what seemed to me to be a dense, physical body. Never before had anyone looked at me with so much love. It was as if he was holding me in his arms and at the same time I was free, totally free. A powerful energy emanated from him and left me petrified. I could not move from my chair. I had the feeling that certain things were being imprinted in my mind. Without a shadow of a doubt, it was Maitreya.” (Extracted from a letter from Annick Piers, Sept 88 SI)

Sometime between 1983 and 1985 a British TV documentary, being shown in New Zealand, focused on the lives of Pakistani and Indian immigrants in the UK. In one segment, leaders from a spiritual centre revealed to the TV journalist that within their midst they had a “very special teacher”, who they claimed was the reincarnation of Krishna. The journalist’s request to film the teacher was declined on the grounds that the energy emanating from him was much too overpowering for public viewing. On meeting the teacher privately, the journalist confessed to feeling completely overawed by the gaze and presence of the man. Only a back-view of the man appeared on film. He seemed tall and white-robed. (March 89 SI, letter from D.E. Darby, Spreydon, Christchurch, New Zealand)

(Source: Share International, November 1992)

Reprinted by courtesy of © Share International

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