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Watery wonder continued

First there was one - 'Oscar', the wonder fish, whose silvery white scales bear the words Allah on one side and Mohammed on the other. Now there are two more miracle fish, one which carries the word Allah and another on which the word Mohammed can be seen. (see Share International March 2006 for the report on the miracle Albino Oscar fish.)

Muslims from all over Britain are flocking to see the new miracle fish in a home in Liverpool, England. The owner, Mr Ali Al-Waqedi, had taken his children to their local pet shop to show them the animals. "We started to have a look at the Oscar fish because they had such an unusual colour. Then I saw that one of them had the word Allah. It was so clear, and it made me very happy," he said. "Then we saw that another one had the word Muhammad, and that was even better…. but to have the Allah and Muhammad fish in the same tank was unbelievable."

Muslim leaders from local mosques are quite convinced that both fish are miraculous signs from Allah. Sheikh Sadek Kassem, a local religious leader,
said: "This is a proof and a sign not just to Liverpool's Muslims, but for everyone."

Mr Al-Waqedi said: "This is a message from Allah to me, a reminder, and now my faith is stronger. Everyone is so excited by the discovery."
(Source: Liverpool Echo, UK)
Editorial note

from: Share International, June 2006

Sign of the fish

"Oscar" is a fish with a special message. He lives in a fish tank in Water Aquatic, a petshop in Waterfoot (about 30 miles north of Manchester, UK). The two-year-old Albino Oscar fish has been receiving a great deal of attention since Muslim members of the Waterfoot community noticed that markings on Oscar's scales spell out the word 'Allah' in Arabic script.

Moreover, it seems that Oscar carries not just one message but a further miraculous sign on the other side of his body the word 'Muhammad'. Oscar,
who was imported from Singapore, has been filmed and photographed, and has appeared in newspapers and on television. Locals are flocking to see the special fish. "There.s no doubt about it," said Mohammed Riaz-Shahid, manager of a neighbouring business. "The markings are clear to see. Allah on one side, Muhammad on the other. Christians, Jews' they all believe in God, so God's showing a sign to everyone, a sign that he's here".

One visitor says the night before news of Oscar reached the media, he had dreamt of a whale with the words 'Muhammad' and 'Allah' on its head. "It's
real, it's real," he said. "As soon as I heard I came running. I didn.t think twice about the dream until I saw the fish on the television." He inspected Oscar's scales and was convinced that the markings are genuine. He said he believed it was a sign from God.
(Source: The Guardian, UK)
Editorial note from: Share International, March 2006

Leopard befriends cow in Gujarat village

In a rare case of predator-prey friendship, a leopard coming to 'visit' a cow at night has literally become the talk of the town. The incredible ways of the
two animals at Antoli village in Waghodia Taluka district have attracted the attention of one and all, including wildlife activists. Honorary wildlife
warden Rohit Vyas has visited the village several times with other enthusiasts.

He reports: "The leopard has been visiting the cow from October last year [2002] at regular intervals. After the villagers informed us about frequent visits of the leopard to the sugarcane field for its close encounter with the cow, our team, comprising forest conservationist H.S.Singh and wildlife specialists Manoj Thakkar and Kartik Upadhyay, visited the village for verification. It was unbelievable. They approached each other at very close proximity and the fearless cow would lick the leopard on its head and neck". Vyas added: "The dogs would start barking when the leopard came to meet the waiting cow every night between 9.30pm to 10.30pm."

The Forest Department, which was trying to capture the beast, gave up its efforts after learning about the friendship. Moreover, said Vyas, the leopard
has not harmed other animals in the village and its visits have benefited villagers as other animals kept away from damaging crops in the fields and crops yields went up by 30 per cent.
Editorial note from: Share International, July/August 2003

'Miracle' baby born in Bethlehem

Palestinians in the West Bank town of Bethlehem have been visiting the nearby Aida refugee camp to see an infant many are calling a "miracle baby".

The boy has gained attention for being born with a large birthmark across his cheek that roughly forms in Arabic letters the name of his uncle, Ala, a Hamas militant killed eight months earlier by Israeli troops after he was suspected of having planned a suicide bombing. The family, devout Muslims, called it a divine message of support for the Palestinian people.

The baby was born in November 2003 on the 27th day of the holy month of Ramadan, revered as the night the Koran was revealed to the prophet Mohammed. The imam from the camp's main mosque pronounced the birthmark a "gift from God". The infant's grandmother, Aysha Ayyad, said the birthmark was a sign that "the soldiers can kill our sons but not our spirit". She voiced hope that Israelis and Palestinians would make peace and allow her grandson to grow up free from violence.
(Source: Reuters; CNN News )
Editorial note

from: Share International January/February 2004
Palestinian "Miracle child"

Miracle burial unearthed

A small church in northern Romania is drawing crowds after workers reconstructing a church in Husi unearthed the body of a man - perfectly preserved, and smelling of roses - dressed in the robes of a 19th-century Orthodox priest.

The Romanian daily newspaper Adevarul reported that records indicate the body may be that of the priest who consecrated the church in the early 1800s - priest Irimia Hagiu. Alexandru Vijianu, vicar of the Saint Niculai church, said: "The body looks as if it was buried yesterday and what is even more incredible is that it has a wonderful scent of roses. It is possible that we are standing before the discovery of a saint."

Editorial note from: Share International, April 2003

Allah's five-year-old messenger

Many Muslims consider Sharifou, a five-year-old Tanzanian boy, to be a "messenger of God". Born into a Catholic family, he is said to have pronounced the words "Allahou Akbar" (Allah is great) when he was just four months old. At the age of three, Sharifou would recite the 'Ikhiass
sourate' (a Muslim prayer) 3,000 times in a single night.

The crowds are enthralled by this little boy who speaks Swahili, English, Arabic and French. In Dakar, Senegal, 15,000 people gathered to hear
Sharifou preach and recite the Koran at his first public appearance. In May 1999, more than 60,000 devotees attended the weekly prayer at the Grand
Mosque in his presence. Sharifou has already been invited to visit various Islamic countries such as Libya, Ivory Coast, Kenya and Benin, sometimes
triggering off "mass hysteria", as a Senegalese journalist described the crowd's enthusiastic response to the child.
(Source: Le Matin, Switzerland)

Editorial note from: Share International, January/February 2000

Holy lama reincarnated in California child

He looks and acts like a typical five-year-old most of the time. But about a year ago when Simon Heh, a southern California boy, said to a visiting Tibetan Buddhist monk: "I know you. You have been my best friend," his young life took a dramatic turn. That night the monk had a dream of a high-ranking lama who had once been his teacher in the 1950s. The monk wrote to his old monastery in India and suggested that the boy might be the reincarnation of one of several former monks. He did not tell them about his dream, or that he suspected the boy might be the reincarnation of his teacher.

The monastery wrote back that the boy was the reincarnation of the monk who had been his teacher, and the boy's life changed immediately. Instead of Simon Heh he became Sanggal Dorjee, boy lama. Arrangements have been made for him to study at a monastery in India by the end of the year.

Although Tibetan Buddhist lamas often leave behind information about their next incarnation when they die, it is very rare for a reincarnated lama to be found outside Tibet or India. Such reincarnated lamas are often discovered when they manifest unusual talents, wisdom, prescience or precociousness: all of which Simon displayed in abundance.
(Sources: Associated Press; Los Angeles Daily News, USA)
from: Share International, March 1993

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