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Madonna image in window

Hundreds of people have gathered to gaze at an image of the Madonna which appeared on 30 September 2008 in a second floor window of the Mercy Medical Centre, Stafford Street, Springfield, Massachusetts, USA.

The car park of the Medical Centre is attracting daily crowds, who come to pray, say the rosary and take photographs on their cell phones. Some sing and others are overcome and weep. Olga Romero who lives nearby and came to pray for her health, was convinced it was Our Lady of Guadalupe. Said Sister Kathleen Sullivan, senior vice president at Mercy: "What it is I don't know, but it was certainly humbling to see the faith of the people. It was so beautiful."

The image has a clearly defined outline as the sun shines through the window, agreed Mark E Dupont, Roman Catholic Diocese spokesman, but cautioned that it would take the church years to investigate it. Deirdre Gogel of West Springfield found it comforting that the image appeared when the United States is going through such trying economic times and people are frightened.
Editorial note

from: Share International, November 2008

Image of Jesus on a cupboard

Dear Editor,
One morning my wife Wendy was lying down in the bedroom, resting with her eyes closed, when she felt a very light touch on her face. She opened her eyes expecting to see me, however I was in a different room in the house. As she looked around she noticed for the first time an image on her closet door. She had lived in the house for five years (and I for 10 years) and neither of us had ever noticed 'the man' in the door - and we are very observant people.
To us there is no question that it is Jesus, based on internet research of what he could have looked like according to the Shroud of Turin, Ariel Agemian's painting, and many other renditions. I feel, based on all my research, that this is truly one of the most distinct appearances of Jesus that there has been.
Who is manifesting this face on the door?
W. and J.D., East Windsor, New Jersey, USA.
(Source: Share International)
Editorial note from: Share International, October 2008

Image of Jesus in hospital window

In April 2008 visitors to the Florida Hospital Medical Complex in Orlando, Florida, USA, crowded around a prayer garden window to witness an image of Jesus, which had miraculously appeared there. (see photo) "There was just a whole bunch of people putting their cell phones to the window, so I went over there and I saw a glow," said hospital visitor Joel Cruzada. "When you are standing there and there is a flurry of people talking about it, you are like: 'Wow, I'm actually here!'" The unexplained image is now being investigated but a hospital official said that as long as it made people feel good, that was all that mattered.
Editorial note from: Share International, June 2008

Easter sign

On 4 April 2008 Yorkshire newspaper Wakefield Express, in the UK, featured a report titled "Face of Jesus?" It described how five-year old William Glancy painted a mask for an Easter art project at the Wakefield Independent school's holiday club. After splashing paint over a white mask, and allowing it to dry, William was surprised to discover that it revealed a face. When his mother arrived at the club to collect him he was showing everyone the mask saying: "Look, look, it's Jesus!" This happened the day before Good Friday and has amazed all those who have seen it.

Teacher Amanda Parramore said: "When his mum showed it to me I couldn't believe it. I've never seen anything like it, it's a one in a million thing." His shocked mother Wendy, 39, said: "When he showed it to me I said: 'Oh my God'. It's just unbelievable. Everyone I've shown it to has been floored. Some people have even had to sit down because of the shock. I think it's even stranger that it's appeared at Easter. We just can't believe it."
(Source: Wakefield Express, UK)
Editorial note from: Share International, June 2008

Mysterious figure appears in fire

On 2 April 2007, digital photographs taken during a mountainside ceremony in Poland to mark the second anniversary of Pope John Paul II's death caused a stir. During the late Pope's pontificate, devout Poles would light fires on Matyska mountain, in southern Poland, as a greeting to the Pope when he visited the area; since his death the tradition has become a commemorative celebration.

Grzegorz Lukasik took various photographs during the event in April and later realized that one held an image claimed to be that of the late pontiff bending forward, making a sign of blessing. The automatic time stamp on the digital image coincided precisely with the time at which John Paul II died in 2005. "Maybe that was a kind of a sign, given the time and the place where it was taken," said Lukasik.
(Source: The Daily Telegraph, UK)
Editorial note from: Share International, April 2008

Face of Jesus appears in roots of plant

In May 2006 52-year-old Martin Gregory from Belvedere in Kent, UK, was tending his garden when he came across a remarkable sight: the face of Jesus in the roots of a plant. Mr Gregory removed an asparagus plant from its pot, which had been in the garden for 20 years, because he thought it was dying. But in the plant's root system Mr Gregory saw the face of Jesus. It was "the most weird thing I have ever seen…. The roots are fantastic" said Mr Gregory. "You can actually make out a thorn crown around his head, his eyes and nose." Mr Gregory is not religious but said the image in the roots "looked so much like his face it took my breath away."
Editorial note from: Share International, April 2007

Image of Jesus seen on church's cloth

Thousands of people have visited a church in a remote fishing village on Prince Edward Island, off the east coast of Canada, to see an image of Jesus on a cloth that hangs behind the altar.

Angela Callaghan, a parishioner of St Simon and St Jude Roman Catholic Church in Tignish, first saw the image on Friday 3 March 2006 while praying in front of the altar. Word quickly spread, and since then numerous visitors have come to view the cloth. Some see an image of Jesus, while others see an image of the Madonna on the purple cloth, which is embroidered with a gold-coloured crown of thorns. The church has used the same cloth for two years, but this is the first time people have seen an image.

"I believe Jesus sent us this for a reason; he wants us to think," said one visitor. Irene LeClair, a local churchgoer, said she sees the face of Jesus in the
cloth. "I know I see the face of God," she said.
Editorial note from: Share International, June 2006

Miracle on St George's Hill

In the city of Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada, on St George's Hill, there is a 120 foot illuminated steel cross, the first sight seen by many US visitors
crossing the International Bridge into Canada. It is intended to be a symbol of spiritual unity at the geographic centre of North America and has become
known as "The Cross at the centre of the Continent". At the foot of the cross is a non-denominational Oasis of Peace garden, as well as a French language school, Notre Dame des Grands Lacs.

On Monday, 24 January 2005 the school.s principal Stephane Picard, its groundskeeper Gerry Ouellette, maths teacher Christopher Gravelle and a large number of students saw the steel structure swaying from side to side during a 2.5 hours period. "About 25 to 30 feet below the cross-arms, down to the bottom, was stationary", said Gravelle. Above that point the cross moved from left to right, a foot in each direction. He began to time the rhythmic movement, which worked out to about 44 beats per minute. "It was constant, like a metronome and it was going left to right," he said. So concerned were the teachers that classes were temporarily moved to the school library for safety.
All witnesses reported that there was no wind and that the structure had never been seen to move before. The principal and maths teacher both heard a cracking noise at the top of the cross as it moved, so they called in an engineering firm to check for structural damage. Engineer Bob Wood found no structural damage, and said the cross could not have moved in the way described, although he could not refute the witnesses. statements. However, Gerry Ouellette, author of A history of the cross, The Cross at the Centre of the Continent, is certain that it was a sign.
Editorial note from: Share International, March 2006

Circular rainbow appears

A mysterious circular rainbow appeared twice on the ceiling of a church in Casey County, Kentucky, USA, in May 2005. Pastor Rick Hogue first saw the rainbow on 22 May while teaching Sunday School in the sanctuary of Rich Hill Christian Church. He described it as a band of light, about seven feet in diameter, which changed slightly in length, width and colour before vanishing.

The rainbow image reappeared on the sanctuary's low tile ceiling at the start of the morning service and was seen by 60 members of the congregation. Pastor Hogue said: "It had three bright lights in the centre of it. I had plenty of witnesses. When it first came up everybody was in awe - I mean just silence. It was unbelievable how bright and radiant it was." His wife described the colours as purple, red, green, with traces of yellow.

The sky outside was cloudy. The pastor adjusted blinds, moved bright objects and turned lights out to see if a reflection of light was the cause, but the rainbow remained unchanged, only fading when the service ended. "I'm still asking the Lord for discernment on what it completely means," he said.
(Source: Courier Journal, Casey County, USA)
Editorial note from: Share International, Juli 2005

Holy images at Festival of Light

People in the Nickerie District of Suriname, could hardly believe their eyes when during Diwali (the Festival of Light) on 25 November 2004 miraculous images of the gods started appearing in the temples.

In the Ganga Mandir, images of Hindu gods, such as Shiva, Hanuman and Ganesha, appeared on temple walls near the altar. News of the phenomenon spread rapidly and began to attract people from as far away as Paramaribo, 230 kilometres away. A few days after the initial apparitions, similar images began to appear in other temples in Nickerie and Paramaribo. Reports were also received of altars in private homes displaying the same 'divine spectacle'.

Television journalist Jyoti Lachman, visiting the country from the Netherlands, confirms that the miracles continue to occur in Suriname and have been reported by national media there. News of the events has spread to Hindu communities around the world.
(Source: OHM-radio, the Netherlands)
Editorial note from: Share International January/February 2005

Holy water survives fire

A fire in Prestatyn, Wales, gutted a garage, destroying everything except a bottle of holy water. Doug and Anne Mangan were amazed to find the
plastic bottle of holy water virtually untouched among the charred remains of their garage, which was destroyed after a neighbour's touring caravan
exploded and sparked an inferno. The blaze gutted next door's conservatory and garage before spreading to the Mangan's home. It took firefighters hours to control the fire, which was caused by faulty electrics in the caravan.

The couple believed everything in the garage had been destroyed until Doug Mangan made the miracle discovery as he started clearing the debris. His
mother had brought the vial of water back from Lourdes, France, more than 10 years ago and it was kept in a canvas bag in the garage. He said: "It's
amazing, it's the only thing to survive. There is nothing left of that garage. Everything melted in the fire - plastic, metal and glass - but then we found the little bottle of holy water with barely a drop gone."
(Source: Rhyl, Prestatyn and Abergele Journal, UK)
Editorial note from: Share International July/August 2003

Appearance of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Dozens of Catholic devotees and curious people gathered on 29 May 2003 to witness an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the trunk of an almond
tree, in the community of La Vigía, in Dajabón district, Dominican Republic. The parishioners worshipped and prayed all afternoon and part of the night, placing candles and sacred images in front of the tree. Pablo Pichardo and Arcadio Alvarez, two parishioners of the community, said that these are good signs that appear in places blessed by God.

The miraculous image was found by a group of children playing in the courtyard of a house that had been abandoned for more than a year. However, the owner of the house, Areisi Rodríguez de García, explained that the image was in fact discovered by her younger son six months before, but she did not make it public to avoid a lot of curious people coming to the place.
(Source: El Caribe, Dominican Republic)
Editorial note from: Share International July/August 2003

Madonna miracle

Many people are visiting the small Saskatchewan community of Ile-à-la-Crosse to see what some believe is a miraculous image of the Madonna. The
white image, on the side of a backyard greenhouse, is seen with arms spread wide as if giving a blessing. The image first appeared on the evening of 9
September 2002. The greenhouse owner tried to scrub it away the following day, but it reappeared.

Visitors say there is now a strong smell of roses inside the hothouse. "They said when they first saw it, there was a bright
light and there was this woman who is nearly blind from diabetes who said she saw it," according to community resident Lloyd McCallum.

Another resident, Randy Desjarlais, saw the image and said it was glowing, with a cross in the centre. He also said he was left with a "good feeling" in his body.
(Source: The Daily News, Kamloops, Canada)
Editorial note

from: Share International June 2003

Marian picture at

Croatian miracles

Patterns of blood in the shape of a cross reportedly appeared on a priest's forehead as he was delivering a sermon at a mass in Zagreb, Croatia. The
congregation at the Holy Mother of Freedom Church say the stigmata-like image appeared on the face of Father Zlatko Sudac as he was speaking to
them about drug abuse among young people.

Father Sudac first displayed stigmata in May 1999, when a cross appeared on his forehead one week after the beatification of the Italian friar
Padre Pio who was also said to have displayed stigmata. The Vatican at the time said that the mark of the cross had appeared in "a way medical science could not explain". Two years ago, on the feast day of St Francis of Assisi, marks also appeared on Father Sudac's wrists, feet and side.
Editorial note from: Share International November 2002

Jesus's face on a door

ALABAMA, USA - An image of Jesus's face appeared on a door at the Walker Regional Medical Center in Jaspar, Alabama, after a father prayed for God to save his dying son. The boy survived.
(Source: Weekly World News, USA)
Editorial note from: Share International, January/February 2001

Virgin Mary image on the side of a house

PENNSYLVANIA, USA - Huge crowds gathered in a vacant lot in suburban Wilkes-Barre to see an image of the Virgin Mary which appeared on the side of a house. Visitors said that the robed, life-size figure surrounded by an arc of light was a "true miracle".
(Source: Weekly World News, USA)
Editorial note from: Share International, January/February 2001

Jesus in the window

On 25 January 1997 an image of Jesus appeared in the window of Brisbane City Mission in Fortitude Valley, a suburb of Brisbane, Australia. The City
Mission is a charity sponsored by the Anglican Church, and its building is a place where homeless people can go for food and clothing and to receive
assistance from social workers. The image was discovered by Erin McMahon, a child-care worker, and is easily visible to the passing public. Above the window is a large painted sign emblazoned with the words: "Jesus is your friend".

The following is Erin's account of the discovery of the Jesus image. "As we drove into the multi-level car park in Fortitude Valley, my sight was filled with a brilliant white light. It was all I could see, whether my eyes were open or shut, and this continued as I felt the car drive up to level-one, then on
to level-two, where we normally park. By now, a face had appeared in the centre of the white light. I noticed the light receding from the perimeter of my
sight until all that remained was the face. I blinked, my sight cleared and I found myself staring at the face from my vision in the window. I immediately
purchased a disposable camera and took photographs of the face. A few days later I showed the photo to a minister from the Mission - he immediately
said it looked like Jesus, and asked if he could keep the photo to show his group. Since 1997 word has spread regarding the Jesus image and at the same time our Transmission Meditation group has grown and evolved. People have seen the photo of the face of Jesus, asked about it, visited it, and shown others."
Editorial note Source: Share International, July/August 2000

Windscreen miracle
An image of the Virgin of Guadalupe which appeared on the windscreen of a "clapped-out Chevy" has been attracting excited crowds in Mexico City. Fifteen-year-old Lisbeth Escalante was lounging on the bonnet of her uncle's car, about to scrawl "wash me" in the dust, when she saw beneath her finger a "rainbow shimmer" and an outline of the Madonna, surrounded by a spiky halo, manifested on the windscreen. It has remained indelible in spite of vandals' efforts to scour it off with bleach and petrol.

The windscreen was removed and taken in procession for blessing in the Basilica of Guadalupe where the Virgin had appeared in 1531. Two days later a message appeared in the glue on the edge of the windscreen in orange letters saying: "Liberate and protect those who cannot see me."
(Source: The Independent, UK)
Editorial note from: Share International, October 1999

Face appears on television screen

In July 1997 Shirley Staniforth, from Leeds, England, took several photographs of her birthday-cards arranged in her caravan. On seeing the prints she was amazed to see that on the blank television screen was a face. Her family were equally amazed: "They were all startled to see the face on the screen when they first saw the photo. I thought someone had tampered with it, but they clearly haven't. The television was definitely off and there was nothing on the screen. I was busy baking for my party at the time and didn't have time to have the TV on."
(Source: Leeds Weekly News, UK)
Editorial note from: Share International, June 1998

Face of Jesus in communion wafer

The head of Jesus wearing a crown of thorns appeared recently on a communion wafer in the little town of Moure in Portugal. Hundreds of the faithful gathered to see the pale and sad face of Jesus on the wafer. This follows a similar incident which also occurred in Moure the previous year.
(Source: Le Dauphiné, France)
Editorial note from: Share International, January/February 1998

Florida Virgin Mary image repairs itself

The rainbow-coloured image of the Virgin Mary on an office building in Clearwater, Florida, has recovered from an attack by vandals. In June someone threw an unknown liquid on the shape, staining it. But following two days of heavy thunderstorms, the blemishes disappeared, and the image looks as it did last December, when hundreds of thousands of people began flocking to the site.

"We heard she was healing herself.... It looks like it," said one visitor. The transformation "seems to have been coming on for a couple of weeks," said
Jim Cascio, spokesman for the building's owner. "It seems back to its original colours."
(Source: Associated Press)
from: Share International, September 1997

Image of Jesus on clinic floor

An image of Jesus has appeared on the floor of the Sacred Heart Clinic in Narra, Palawan, in the Philippines. The image has attracted devotees, and
"has transformed the clinic into a worship centre".
(Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer, the Philippines)
from: Share International, September 1997

"Subway Virgin" image appears in Mexico City

Nearly 2,000 people an hour are flocking to see an image of the so-called "Subway Virgin" formed in a puddle of water in a Mexico City metro station.
The image, now a stain left by the dried-up puddle, is about 10 inches long, and bears a resemblance to the image of Mexico's Virgin of Guadalupe, a
manifestation of the Virgin Mary.

The Mexican archbishop's office expressed doubt that the image was a true miracle, saying it failed to rank with divine appearances such as Guadalupe in 1531, Lourdes in France in 1854, and Fatima in Portugal in 1917.

"There are no theological elements that lead us to consider this a divine presence through these lines that have formed due to a water leak," the church office said in a statement.

The image first appeared at the Hidalgo metro station in downtown Mexico City. The Mexico City metro system, one of the busiest underground railway systems in the world, transports more than one million people a day.
Police officers guarding the site said as many as 1,800 people per hour were lining up to see the image. Many people laid candles, flowers and coins near the site.


(Source: Reuters; CNN) - see also
Editorial note

from: Share International, July/August 1997

Christ's face on rock

In December 1995, Julian Webb, an Australian wheat-farmer, witnessed the miraculous materialization of Christ's face on a hard slab of granite rock. The miracle took place at night when Mr Webb was walking on his farm near Beverly, 120 miles east of Perth. He saw a shaft of light illuminate the rock, and watched amazed as the face of Christ slowly appeared from nowhere.

Some days beforehand Mr Webb had heard a message coming from the area of the rock, saying: "Let I, the Lord, show you the way." Thinking he'd imagined it all, he took his son Adrian, 20, with him the next time. He felt sure "something profound was going to happen" to him -- and the miracle occurred. Mr Webb, who rarely attends church, said: "I'm just an ordinary bloke who's experienced a miracle and people can take it or leave it."
(Source: Daily Mail, UK)
Editorial note from: Share International, June 1996

Russian icon transformed

MOSKOW -- A religious icon in a church in Russia's far north has undergone a "miraculous" transformation, with its dark, faded paint becoming bright and fresh again. The icon depicts St Nikolai the Miracle Worker, who protects sailors, fishermen, travellers and miners, according to Russian Orthodox tradition. Parishioners at Mother of God church in the mining town of Kirovsk said the transformation took place over several days, the ITAR-Tass news agency reported.

"Its darkened and faded colours began to brighten up. In a few days, it was hard to recognize the old icon,'' the head of the local religious affairs department, Vladimir Kisenko, was quoted as saying. "It looked quite new, as if it had been freshly painted.'' Kirovsk is about 50 miles above the Arctic Circle near the port of Murmansk. The report did not say how old the icon is.
(Source: Associated Press)
Editorial note from: Share International, August/September 1994

Virgin Mary image on a car

An image of the Virgin Mary has appeared on a car in Elsa, Texas. The car is Dario Mendoza's 1981 maroon Chevrolet Camaro, and the Virgin's image appeared on the rear fender on the driver's side. When Mendoza's family and friends first noticed the image, they were so moved that several of them slept outside that night so they could stay close to the image.

The next morning, Mendoza had an attack of sceptism, and washed his car. The image only grew larger. Soon the local papers carried the story and
people flocked to see the image of "La Virgencita". They came to pray, bring flowers, sing, and to leave small written prayers asking for the Virgin Mary's help with their problems. The pilgrims continued to arrive each day.

When Mendoza, who gets seasonal work picking cotton in Louisiana, needed to get to work, he realized he could not take the car - which by now was the centre of a small shrine. Instead, he hitchhiked to the fields. The church is refusing comment on the subject, just as it did when Mary's image recently appeared on a cottonwood tree in front of a boarding house in nearby Brownsville, Texas. The Mendoza family says they have no idea why the Virgin chose Dario Mendoza's car for her miracle.
(Source: Wall Street Journal, USA)
Editorial note from: Share International, December 1993

Did Jesus appear in New Haven, Connecticut?

Hundreds gathered around a sycamore tree in Wooster Square Park in New Haven, Connecticut (USA), where many saw the figure of Jesus crucified on the cross. Although many of the people who came were clearly convinced that they saw Jesus' form, the priests have declared it an optical illusion. Unless miracles of healing take place at the site, the church will not sanction the tree as an authentic manifestation of Jesus.

People's opinions varied on why Jesus would appear. "Because the world is in such terrible shape," "I think we've gone too far," "I think God's fed up." "The world is coming to an end." and "The world is entering a better time."

The image was discovered by a young mother who is simultaneously losing her sight and hearing. She was visiting her lawyer, who was helping her with some legal business. The lawyer suggested that he could complete the tedious work while the woman and her father took a stroll through the park. On their stroll the woman saw the unmistakable image of Jesus and asked her father to confirm it. They told the lawyer, but he didn't think anything of it. A couple of days later, they dropped by the lawyer's office and left him a home video of the tree. "I tell you I literally leaped out of my chair!" the lawyer said.

"There it was as plain as day ... I was completely flabbergasted." After he spread the word to people in the community, people flocked to the tree. While no healings appear to have taken place, many people say they feel great peace when they are there.
(Source: Village Voice)
from: Share International, March 1993

Images of Jesus and Virgin of Guadalupe in window

Images of Jesus Christ and the Virgin of Guadalupe have appeared in the window of a small apartment building in Long Beach, California. A steady stream of visitors now comes to the building to pray and pay homage to the images. Seventeen-year-old Guadalupe Orozco was among the first to notice something unusual in the window. "We were parking the car and one of my friends felt something telling him to look toward the window.
That's when we noticed the image of Christ."

Not everyone sees the images, but those who do have set up an altar of flowers and candles beneath the window. "We just want people to feel comfortable coming here and looking," says Carmelo Contreras, a building resident.
(Source: Press-Telegram)
from: Share International, July/August 1992

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