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An Islamic scholar in Skokie, Illinois, USA, discovered a piece of tree bark in front of his house with the word 'Muhammad' in Arabic carved into it by insects. One day in May 2008, while watching squirrels run up the tree in front of his house, Assad Busool heard a piece of bark hit the ground with a loud cracking sound. When he looked at it closely, he was astonished to see the word 'Mohammed'. "I said: 'What is the meaning of this?' I have a holy tree in my yard."

Some Muslims in his community believe the markings on the 14-inch-long piece of bark is a sign from heaven. "It's crystal clear, it says Muhammad," said Andala Mbengue, a cab driver from Senegal who saw the wood after prayers at the American Islamic College in Chicago. "Allah is always putting himself out there. Sometimes people ignore it, but he's always showing us signs."

Scholars of Islam interviewed about this phenomenon said some Muslims view such apparitions as reminders that God is everywhere in nature.

Busool teaches religion and Arabic at the American Islamic College in Chicago, and is an Islamic judge who rules on family issues. He points to a verse in the Quran to explain why insects might carve lines into wood to spell the word Muhammad. The verse says that every living being on Earth sings the praises of God in languages human beings can't understand. "They don't know Arabic. To eat the inside of the branch and make that writing, it's guidance from God, of course," said Busool.

Busool has shown the bark to a few people at the Muslim Community Center in Chicago. He also showed it to about 50 people who had come to Friday prayers at the American Islamic College. One worshipper, Walid Guerfal, said the writing had left him in awe. "It's like a miracle from God," he said.

(Source: Chicago Tribune, USA)

Editorial note
Benjamin Creme's Master confirms it is a sign manifested by Maitreya.

According to Benjamin Creme, editor of Share International magazine, all the miracles are signs of the imminent emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher, and his group, the Masters of Wisdom. They are the custodians of the Divine Plan for this planet and are returning now to show us the way out of our current difficulties and bring the new teachings which will guide humanity towards its next evolutionary step. Soon we will see Maitreya on television, interviewed on a major American network and hear his call for sharing and justice, as the only way to peace.

Benjamin Creme writes: "Over many years Maitreya and his group of Masters have saturated the world with miracles. All religious groups look for signs. It is through the signs that they know the teacher is in the world or is coming into the world. You only have to keep awake and you will see that signs are everywhere. In every country in the world, in every religious setting, there are signs of one kind or another."

His telepathic contact with a Master of Wisdom allows Benjamin Creme to receive up-to-date information on the Maitreya's emergence and to expand on the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. Through this contact Benjamin Creme's Master regularly confirms whether a phenomenon is a miracle that was manifested by one or other of the Masters. Most of the miracles are manifested by Maitreya Himself, the Master Jesus or the Master Who was the Madonna.

from: Share International July/August 2008

Reprinted by courtesy of © Share International

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