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Healing water found in Germany

by Memo Neupert

After the miraculous healing well in Mexico, another healing water source has been found, in Germany, 100 km east of Düsseldorf. A spring of very pure water, it was discovered in a cave in a disused slate mine at Nordenau, district of Schmalenberg, which is a popular ski resort.

The land belongs to Theo Tommes, whose Hotel Tommes lies below the quarry. In January 1992, Mrs Tommes went into the quarry to look for a spot to use as a wine cellar. Entering a dark, damp grotto, she became aware of a bright white light that filled the whole cave. When it was first discovered, according to Mrs Tommes' mother, small crosses of light could be seen within the glowing white light.

The grotto was soon investigated by experts who found that it was highly charged with energy. Then they noticed a spring with wonderfully clear water. Analysts at the German Fresenius laboratories tested the water, finding it very pure and clean. They also found that it was 8 per cent lighter than ordinary water. Another German laboratory, Hygene Institut des Ruhrgebiets Gelsenkirchen, have also certified the water to be 8 per cent lighter than ordinary water. (The water at Tlacote, Mexico, was found to be 4.4 per cent lighter than ordinary water.)

Stranger still, water at the spring spirals to the left, but five meters further on it spirals to the right. Now hundreds of people daily visit the grotto, which is becoming Germany's Lourdes. Buses bring the old, sick and crippled, and the Hotel Tommes is packed. Guido Brandenburg interviewed some of the pilgrims for the German newspaper Bild. An old woman told him that after covering her blind eye with
the water, she can now see; an ex-miner said his back was healed and he has thrown away his crutch. Another woman said: "I always had problems with high blood pressure and was afraid of collapsing. I went to the grotto with my pressure at 160 to 100. I came out with 130 to 100. Now the blood pressure is constant, a fact which my doctor cannot explain."

Theo Tommes warns his guests not to stay too long in the grotto. He says they become so strongly charged with energies that they have to leave. Johannes Koch, "a geo-physician", believes the water heals because this is a meeting place for at least three watercourses which are "places of force".
Mysteriously, one section of the grotto remains dry, which Koch believes is caused by earth radiation. He told Bild: "It's very strong at this point. It's giving power, filling people up with energy."

People are told to drink the water at this dry point where the strong field of energy is.* Guido Brandenburg, the Bild reporter, described what happened when he drank the water while standing in the energy zone: "After five minutes my fingertips vibrated," he said. "I felt as if an electric current flowed through me."

Entrance fee to the grotto: 10 DM. [Addendum: Entrence fee in 2010: 7,- Euro - without guarantee].
Address: Land- und Kurhotel Tommes Nordenau, Talweg 14, 57392 Schmallenberg. Tel.: +49-(0)2975-96220.

*Editorial note

Source: Share International, January/February 1993

Reprinted by courtesy of © Share International

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