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Journey to Tlacote

by Gill Fry

In the July/August 1992 issue* of Share International, Benjamin Creme's Master spoke of "a new phase in the reappearance of the Christ",
saying that "news of an astonishing manifestation will travel, awakening the slumbering sceptics to the miracle in their midst. In time, even biased and cynical media will find it difficult to gainsay the experience of thousands that the 'age of miracles' has no end."

Since May 1991, in the small town of Tlacote, two and a half hours' drive north of Mexico City, a well has been producing 'miracle water'. The ranch owner, Mr Chahin, discovered the healing properties when his injured dog recovered rapidly, having drunk the water. After successful tests on his ranch workers, he opened up his gates to the public. Under analysis the water was found to be lighter than normal water and Benjamin Creme has explained that "a certain proportion of the atoms have been made sub-atomic - and charged with cosmic energy - by Maitreya." In due course similar manifestations will occur, near the cities where Maitreya has appeared.

Gill Fry, a Share International co-worker in London, went to Tlacote in July 1992 and has written the following report.

As a professional nurse, I was fascinated by reports of Tlacote water having healed so many ailments, including diabetes, epilepsy, arthritis, cancer and even AIDS. Having worked with patients for 10 years who have suffered the pain and anguish of such diseases, the idea of finding a cure, or partial cure, was indescribably exciting.

It was thus that I set out, in July this year, on a quest to Mexico to collect the 'miracle water' from Tlacote. From what I had read, I was expecting some hardship - at the very least to wait in line for three or four days and nights, in near tropical temperatures, and took with me a comprehensive survival kit (mosquito net, sunscreens, bedding, etc) and arrived prepared for any eventuality! I had also read that each person's water ration was generally three litres, and brought along several plastic containers. In the event, my expectations could not have been more wrong.

A wonderfully kind colleague of Benjamin Creme in Mexico City took charge of me, drove me to Tlacote and, speaking the local language (which I do not), overcame each barrier and problem. Every door seemed wide open. My three-day stint turned into a mere three-hour wait; my water ration increased from three to 38 litres; and more wonderful still, I witnessed the most extraordinary photograph possibly in existence, which confirmed everything I had believed in for the last six years.

Since May 1991 three million people have been to Tlacote and at least six million people have drunk the water. The ranch owner, Mr Chahin, keeps the registration files of every visitor, some of whom have travelled from as far as Europe and Russia. Many Mexican Government officials, politicians, and artists have been seen waiting in the queue which varies in size from 5,000 to 10,000 daily. The ranch is very clean and the buildings brightly painted.

Huge, lush trees provide the crowd with welcome shade from the scorching sun. I had imagined a dry, desert scene with chaotic, endless lines of exhausted people, but found everything very well organized with the queue moving quickly and efficiently. After registering, Mrs Chahin, the rancher's wife and resident doctor, checks each visitor's medical certificate and decides on an appropriate quota and dosage, prescribing the water orally, or externally as eyedrops, or enemas or direct application to the skin for skin cancer, eczema, etc.

It must be an exhausting job answering a deluge of questions from thousands of people everyday, yet she performs her task with endless patience and kindness, offering her advice freely. None of the ranch hands receives any money for this service and they work from 9.30 to 15.30 hours every day. Mr Chahin has never charged for the water, but considering the time and effort involved, to my mind a voluntary donation scheme could provide extra support and may sometime be introduced.

After the doctor's consultation, one stands in line to receive the water. Huge stainless steel tanks, which the Government assisted in providing, pump the water to the plastic taps from the deep artesian well that, we are told, will never run dry. Having thought about this moment for months, I felt great elation as I watched my containers being filled. All my hopes were coming to pass and I had been given more water than I had ever dreamt possible.

Thanking the ranch workers and tightening the lids further, I briefly pondered on the practicalities of carrying 38 litres of water, and the daunting thought of customs! (Curiously, in the event, nobody at customs asked a single question about the weight or contents of my overloaded bags, overflowing with 'miracle water'). Such worries were quickly dispelled as I was handed a cup of the water.

It tasted wonderful - slightly sweet, pure and light. By the end of the day I had been given three cupfuls and some days later realized my mistake! I was to suffer a gastric upset for a week. The water is totally clean and pure, but very potent. The dosage needed is very small indeed. A couple of teaspoonfuls would have been plenty for me.

I was shown around Mr Chahin's office which had two long walls stacked with visitor's files, and shelves covered with water-testing apparatus. Just as I was leaving, I was shown a framed photograph with the most extraordinary history and phenomenal implications. A man who had drunk the water, and had been healed, took numerous photographs of the ranch. On returning home, he had one frame left on his film. Anxious to finish and develop the film, he took a photograph of his new television set.

The television was not on; the screen was blank. To his astonishment after the film was developed the last shot showed the television screen with a face upon it: the face of Christ with a crown of thorns on His head. I felt myself shiver as I looked at the powerful image. With limited time, I quickly took several photographs, hoping I could capture the rather faint impression, with the complications of bright sunlight and a reflecting glass covering.

Fortunately, the photographs I took seem even stronger than the original, and the face is clearly visible. Benjamin Creme's Master has since explained that this was Maitreya's 'signature' or 'calling card'. As if to say: "Maitreya has been here, charged the water, and manifested this remarkable image" - a preview of events on the Day of Declaration. The face is of Maitreya looking as many expect to see Jesus Christ returned. In fact, that I understand is how many Christians will see Him on that day. This photograph confirms what Benjamin Creme has been saying for the last 18 years about the Christ's appearance on the Day of Declaration, and surely indicates that this great day is not far off.

Travelling home with my exciting news, dragging my bags full of water, I felt triply blessed - my wait in line had been so short; I had been given gallons of water; and I had witnessed the most tangible evidence of Maitreya's presence.

Source: Share International, September 1992

(Tlacote Water: the well is on the Ranch of Senor Jesus Chahin in the town Tlacote, 15 miles from the city of Queretaro which by car is 2 1/2 hours north of Mexico City.)

Editor's Note: We have since had Tlacote Water prepared in homoeopathic potency by Messrs Ainsworths Homoeopathic Pharmacy, 38 New Cavendish Street, London W1M 7LH, UK. Telephone: 071-935 5330. Fax 071-486 4313. Internet:

It is available in 6c potency to 30c potency as: tablets, ointment, drops (in alcohol), and eye drops (ask for it in distilled water). As a general rule, the 6 potency should be used (sparingly) for chronic conditions. The 30 potency should be used, still sparingly but more frequently, for more severe illnesses.

Readers please note: Share International Staff (at any office) cannot be responsible for advice or acquiring of Tlacote water or homoeopathic potencies of this water. All orders for such homoeopathic potencies should be made directly to Messrs Ainsworths at the above address. They will be happy to send by post.

Reprinted by courtesy of © Share International

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