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Healing energies in Slovenia

…A network is being created (by the Lord Maitreya) throughout the world, energetically linked together; a network of ‘the Waters of Life’. …The ‘life more abundantly’ is, precisely, the Waters of Life of Aquarius … inevitably … bringing about tremendous changes in consciousness, and also curing the physical ills, strengthening the physical body, of humanity.” (Share International November 1993, p. 27)

Andrea Bistrich

Tunjice is an idyllic mountain village located close to the town of Kamnik and nestled in the foothills of the Slovenian Alps. The region is famous for
its fossils and high-grade limestone, formed millions of years ago. Since the spring of 1998 this sleepy little village has experience a massive influx of
visitors. Over 30,000 people from all over Europe and as far afield as India and Canada have come. The reason? In a large forest close to the picturesque baroque church of St Ana, a site with healing water and energy has been discovered. The results have been remarkable.

In March 1998 Drago Vrhovnik was excavating building-sand on a plot of land he owns and makes his living from. He felt a tingling sensation like a low-level electric shock that coursed through his entire body. Suddenly he discovered that the debilitating pain in his right shoulder had gone. Drago had sustained an injury in a cross-country rally accident many years ago and had lived with an excruciating pain ever since.

After a couple of weeks Drago noticed that one of the pits he had dug had filled with water. He enlarged the pit to disperse the water but the next day he discovered it had filled to the brim with a milky-coloured water. In an accident when he was 14 years old, Drago had sustained an injury to his forearm which, despite numerous medical treatments, remained unhealed. He felt compelled to bathe the wound in the water and within a few days it closed up and within a couple of weeks was completely healed.

Perplexed by all these happenings Drago sought an explanation. He was put in touch with a group of individuals sensitive to and knowledgeable about
subtle energy. He invited them along and they discovered that the water and the entire property was energetically potentized. They informed him that the energy would have positive effects on the body and that the qualities of the energy differed from place to place around his property. Following their advice Drago constructed 10 energy stations, each one corresponding with energy lines in the human body and capable of triggering the healing process for different conditions.

“Many visitors,” Drago explains, “feel invigorated after passing through the circuit of energy stations and altogether more vital. They report resistance to colds and influenza and a general sense of well being.” People have recovered from all manner of conditions including persistent headaches, nervous illnesses, rheumatism, tinnitus and many more. One of the more spectacular cases was that of his cousin who had suffered from thrombosis, needing numerous operations. After drinking the water and massaging it into the affected parts of his body, his condition changed noticeably, and in a short time he was completely cured. Another man suffering from a liver complaint was completely healed. To document these cases Drago provides a visitors’ book where people can write an account of their experiences. Not everyone makes use of it, some prefer to keep their experience to themselves. Drago understands and respects this.

A stream of “miracle” healings have occurred since the site opened its doors but it doesn’t stop there. Some people claim to have experienced apparitions of Jesus and the Madonna. Drago takes it all in his stride: “I have no desire to turn the site into a religious shrine, the energy is for everyone regardless of their beliefs. If such things happen then let them happen, it doesn’t alter our purpose.”

His philosophy is uncomplicated and down-to-earth. “I’m not an unbeliever but neither am I an avid churchgoer, if you get my drift. I just want to try my best to help people.” This attitude may also explain the good relations Drago has with his neighbours and the nearby church, where the priest advises those who are unwell to go to the healing site, and those who need to pray, to come to the church. The priest’s Hungarian friend (also a priest) has also benefited from the energies at the site. He was suffering from alcoholism and since visiting the site hasn’t touched a drop.

Drago has great plans for the site. He hopes to build a hospital or sanatorium so that people can come and stay for extended periods in order to undergo long-term treatment and increase the potential for a cure. In addition to cooperating with medical doctors and therapists Drago also encourages alternative methods of diagnosis like Kirlian photography and corona analysis. Scientific analysis of the water is currently underway at Ljubljana University. Says Drago: “I think it is useful if people come here with an open mind. Then things can begin to happen for them.”

Contact: “Na Tratah”, Drago Vrhovnik, Tunjice 12, 1240 Kamnik, Slovenia, Tel: +386 (0)61-817 085 or +386 (0)41-635 078. Large groups are requested to register before coming. See also website:

Editorial note

Source: Share International, January/February 2000

Reprinted by courtesy of © Share International

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