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 Baffling phenomena

Children are crying tears of crystal, stone or thorns, pictures of Jesus, Mary and Saints are appearing miraculously on buildings, windows and other objects. In the South Australian desert an enormous drawing of an Aboriginal man was discovered ... more ...

 Christ & Angel encounters

Worldwide thousands of people are reporting that they have met higher beings. The most well-documented event happened on June 11th, 1988. A man in a white robe suddenly appeared out of thin air before a crowd of 6,000 people at a prayer ceremony in Nairobi, Kenya and spoke for 20 minutes in perfect Swahili to the crowd before he vanished as he had come. more ...

 Marian apparitions

Millions of people are flocking to many different places to see apparitions of the Madonna. An estimated one million people gathered in the Philippines on March 6th, 1993 to witness a visitation of the Virgin Mary. Many people in the crowd, including top Philippine government officials, journalists, and the local Catholic bishop attested to seeing a silhouette resembling the Virgin Mary for approximately five seconds. more ...

 Crop Circles

Beautiful and astonishingly complex formations – widely known as “crop circles” – are appearing in mysterious ways in farm fields around the world. more ...

 Ufo Sightings

All around the planet people are reporting about sightings of unknown flight objects – in some cases with gigantic measures – who, if tracked by radar, are flying at speeds well beyond human capacities. more ...

 Healing waters

Healing waters are discovered world-wide and draw hundred thousands of visitors; many of them are miraculously cured from their severe diseases. more ...

 Miraculous help & healing

Numerous reports say that many people, holy items and buildings have been miraculously saved from severe damage in accidents and natural disasters. In connection with many phenomena and people there have been reports of miracle cures, among them even serious illnesses like AIDS and cancer. more ...

 Weeping statues & icons

Statues which are weeping tears, blood, oil or other substances (and sometimes are even moving) have been discovered worldwide in Christian, Hindu and Buddhist cultures. more ...

 Milk drinking statues

In September 1995, throughout the Hindu world, North and South, East and West, was enacted what must be the greatest world-wide miracle of all time: statues of the gods, made of stone, wood, brass, copper and bronze, appeared to drink the milk offerings presented by the priests and devotees. It sound unbelievable but thousands of gallons of milk disappeared when offered. The television cameras of a fascinated and bewildered Western media showed these events to millions in the West. more ...

 Crosses of light

Crosses of light, up to 40 feet high, have appeared in homes and churches, many the source of miracle cures and healings. more ...

 Circles of light

Starting in 1997 so-called circles of light have appeared world-wide and have left eyewitnesses with a feeling of awe and profound inner peace. For some years they have now also appeared in Germany. more ...

 Turin Shroud

Still puzzling to scientists is the so-called Turin Shroud, a linen cloth which is believed to have been wrapped around Jesus at the time of his burial. The same applies for the so-called cloth of Oviedo which is believed to be having been the face cloth of Jesus on the way to his burial chamber. more ...

"I did a little digging and it turned out there’d been a rash of sacred apparitions all over the world," wrote Peter Bonventre, senior editor of Life magazine.

In its July 1991 cover story, “Do You Believe in Miracles?” Life magazine reported on the thousands of unexplained, ‘miraculous’ phenomena that have been occurring world-wide. Other sources, such as Time magazine and the Washington Post, have also reported on such phenomena.

Bonventre did not exaggerate. Since the eighties there have been a growing number of unexplainable phenomena – or miracles – world-wide.

What is behind all these phenomena? With the increasing number of their appearance - all around the planet – can these be the product of people’s imagination or hoaxes, or are they events which can be explained scientifically? Are they created by God? Or are these phenomena simply created within laws of nature that we do not know as of yet?

It is obvious that many phenomena and apparitions have a religious reference and in some cases the return of the expected religious teacher is announced. Could that be a kind of “sender marking”?

An interesting explanation comes from Benjamin Creme, British author, lecturer and chief editor of Share International magazine who says that these phenomena are signs for the beginning of a new civilization, a world in which all men will live in harmony and brotherhood is accomplished, where there are no wars anymore, no starvation, no divisions and no exclusion.

According to Creme these extraordinary happenings are the work of a group of highly evolved spiritual teachers known as the Masters of Wisdom and the Lords of Compassion whose head and leader, Maitreya, is about to step out in public and will make their presence known on a worldwide scale. Creme also asserts that with their advice humanity will actually rebuild the current political, social and economic structures towards a more just system that is based on sharing and cooperation instead of competition and greed.

On these web sites we present the results of our investigations for your consideration. We have assorted pictures, reports and information about many unexplainable phenomena on the following pages. Maybe these will help to shed some light on the issue. This is certainly by no means a complete list of phenomena and reports, but does contain a small section of the world-wide media reports and phenomena. We hope you will enjoy them!

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  • Mysteries of the World: Unexplained Wonders and Mysterious Phenomena.
    by: Herbert Genzmer, Ullrich Hellenbrond
    Price: $ 19.99
    Hardcover: 319 pages
    Parragon Inc; 1st American Edition edition (March 2007)
    ISBN: 978-1405490221

  • Mysteries of the World: Unexplained Wonders and Mysterious Phenomena.
    by: Herbert Genzmer, Ullrich Hellenbrond
    Price: $ 19.99
    Hardcover: 319 pages
    Parragon Inc; 1st American Edition edition (March 2007)
    ISBN: 978-1405490221

  • It's a Miracle - True stories so amazing they will make you believe in miracles
    by: Irene Thompson
    Price: $ 14.45
    John Blake Publishing Ltd (August 25, 2006)
    ISBN: 978-1844542833

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