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Jesus and Madonna images in Kuala Lumpur

An image of the Madonna appeared on a hospital window outside Kuala Lumpur in early November 2012. Hundreds of Catholics gathered at Sime Darby Medical Centre to view the image which appeared on a 7th floor window. Some travelled long distances to join the throng, lighting candles, singing hymns and saying prayers, and they declared they could also see Jesus two windows away from His mother. more ...

Sources:; AFP

Extraordinary signs for extraordinary times

A very bizarre medical case in Northwest China has parents, doctors and the media baffled. An 18-month-old girl is excreting metal nails with no apparent discomfort and no sign of her having eaten anything other than normal food. In a similar case, in August 2008, Indonesian media sources reported on the strange case of a woman whose body produced fine metal wires just under her skin and protruding through it. more ...

Sources: China Daily, China; Jakarta Post, Indonesia

Mysterious star

On 12 December 2008 Share International distributed a news release announcing that in the very near future a large, bright star will appear in the sky visible throughout the world, night and day. Around a week later Maitreya will give His first interview on a major US television programme. more ...

Sources: Share International; Brønnøysunds Avis, Norway

The Netherlands: Potato sign
USA: Madonna image in window

A wink from Shirdi Sai Baba

A marble statue of Shirdi Sai Baba (c.1840 to 1918) an Avatar and the previous incarnation of Sai Baba, has miraculously opened one eye. The miracle occurred in July 2008 while the owners, devotees of Shirdi Sai Baba, were cleaning the statue in preparation for the following day's puja (worship). more ...

Source: Share International

USA: Miraculous grape found in Texas
USA: Image of Jesus on a cupboard

Holy tree

An Islamic scholar in Skokie, Illinois, USA, discovered a piece of tree bark in front of his house with the word 'Muhammad' in Arabic carved into it by insects. One day in May 2008, while watching squirrels run up the tree in front of his house, Assad Busool heard a piece of bark hit the ground with a loud cracking sound. more ...

Source: Chicago Tribune, USA

Image of Jesus in hospital window

In April 2008 visitors to the Florida Hospital Medical Complex in Orlando, Florida, USA, crowded around a prayer garden window to witness an image of Jesus, which had miraculously appeared there.
more ...


UK: Easter sign on a picture
Poland: Mysterious appears figure in fire
New Zealand: Dolphin to the rescue
USA: The ultimate potato found in Florida

Argentinean girl cries 'wooden tears'

A nine-year-old Argentinean girl cries 'wooden tears'. The phenomenon began in November 2007 in the Argentinean town of Colonia Liebig, in Corrientes province. The tears, which look like little wooden chips, appeared suddenly from one day to the next. more ...

Source: Diario de Cuyo, Argentina

Romania: 'Superman' seen in the sky
China: Mountain vision of Buddha
USA: Miracle aubergine in Pennsylvania

Young woman produces gemstones under big toe nail

Share International magazine reports every month on miracles around the world. Some of the more extraordinary miracles have included: a young Lebanese girl who daily wept sharp glass crystals; a young girl who wept little coloured threads; and, recently, a young Indian girl who produces small shards of glass from her forehead, with no lasting ill-effects. Now, a young woman in Malaysia is producing gemstones from under the nail of her big toe. more ...

Source:; New Straits Times, Malaysia Star, Malaysia

UK: Sculpture of Jesus emits sparks
Switzerland: Miracle gemstones found in nut

Wooden cross radiates image of Jesus

People of all religions have been flocking to see a wooden cross emitting light and radiating the image of Christ in a Presbyterian church in Shillong, Meghalaya, India, since August 2006. ... more ...

Sources: Deccan Herald, Daily News & Analysis, India; BBC News, UK

UK: Face of Jesus appears in roots of plant
Canada: Image of Jesus seen on church's cloth

Glass appears from forehead of Nepalese girl

Pieces of glass appear miraculously and painlessly from the forehead of 12-year-old Sarita Bista from Tikapur, western Nepal. Since January 2006 130 shards of glass have appeared in this fashion and since August it has become a daily event, with as many as 12 shards produced every day. ... more ...


Sri Lanka: Buddha statues emit rays of light
UK: Watery wonder continued

Miracle of the 'man in white'

In what seems to be a new addition to the scores of miraculous signs, photographs are appearing in the USA and Mexico in which a figure in white can be seen emerging from a bright column of light. In April 2005 the congregation of the Fountain of Living Waters Church in San Juan, Texas, USA, were overjoyed ... more ...

Source:; Valley Morning Star, USA

UK: 'Allah' sign on a fish
Canada: Miracle on St George's Hill

Russian boy heals through the mirror

An 11-year-old boy, Rafael Batyrov, from the republic of Bashkiria in the
Russian Federation, says he can see other people's illnesses in the mirror.
Rafael says that when he looks at someone's reflection in the mirror, he can see a map of the person's aura in it. The negative energy is accumulated in the places where the reflection is darker. A dark place indicates the location of a sick organ. more ...

Source: Pravda, Russia

India: Sweet miracle of a bitter tree
Norway: Image of Jesus in fountain
USA: Circular rainbow appears in Kentucky church

Holy images at Festival of Light

People in the Nickerie District of Suriname, could hardly believe their eyes when during Diwali (the Festival of Light) on 25 November 2004 miraculous images of the gods started appearing in the temples. more ...

Source: OHM Radio, the Netherlands

Wales: Holy water survives fire
Dominican Rep.: Appearance of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on tree
Canada: Madonna picture on greenhouse
Croatia: Crossstigmata on forehad of a priest

Indian girl weeps stones

A 15-year-old Indian girl has been admitted to hospital after tiny stones began emerging from the corners of her eyes. Doctors say they have never seen anything like it before, and cannot explain it. Residents of the girl's village in the state of Jharkhand say that either she is possessed by an evil spirit, or she is an incarnation of a goddess ... more ...

Source: New Zealand Herald

Nepal: After stones, boy sheds thorn 'tears'
Saudi-Arabia: Girl weeps 'tears of stone'

Young boy recalls former life

Nearly six decades ago, a 21-year-old US Navy fighter pilot on a mission over the Pacific was shot down by Japanese artillery. His name might have been forgotten, were it not for a 6-year-old American boy, James Leininger. Quite a few people - including those who knew the fighter pilot - think James is the pilot, reincarnated. more ...

Source: ABC News, USA

Palestine: 'Miracle' baby born in Bethlehem

X-ray eyes

A young Russian girl who has X-ray vision and can 'see' inside people's bodies to diagnose illnesses appeared on UK television in January 2004 and correctly diagnosed the medical conditions of four strangers ... more ...

Source: BBC News, Washington Post (USA)

Tibet: After a dream boy tells world's longest epic

Extraordinary elephant behaviour

The matriarch of a herd of South African elephants deliberately opened a gate to free antelope being held at a camp in the east of the country. The South African Press Association reported that a private company had rounded up the antelope near Empangeni to relocate them for a breeding programme. more ...

Source: Earthweek, USA

India: Leopard befriends cow in Gujarat village

Letters engraved in squash seeds

Kasim Barakzia, owner of Baba Afghan Restaurant in Salt Lake City, Utah, found hundreds of banana squash seeds marked with what appeared to be letters and other symbols. Barakzia cut into a banana squash and noticed the seeds, normally smooth like those found in a pumpkin, were etched on each side with markings that resembled English and Arabic letters, numbers, and even the Arabic symbol for Allah, or God ... more ...

Source: The Salt Lake City Tribune (USA)

England: The word "Allah" on a leek
India: Aubergine seeds spell out "Allah"
Brunei: Holy message on eggshell
Germany: Miracle egg in Berlin

Indian sun-gazer

A man in India's north-eastern state of Assam has baffled ophthalmologists by gazing at the sun for hours without blinking. For 24-year-old Dimbeswar Basumatary in the village of Balimari, 290 kilometres west of Assam's capital Guwahati, sun-gazing has become a passion. ... more ...

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

Thailand: Huge crowds flocking to see mysterious fireballs

Russian Lama's body defies time

In 1927, in Siberia, a spiritual leader of Russia's Buddhists gathered his students and announced his plans to die. Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov, the 12th Pandito Hambo Lama, then 75 and retired, instructed those gathered around him to "visit and look at my body" in 30 years. He crossed his legs into the lotus position, began to meditate and, chanting a prayer for the dead, died. When about 30 years had passed, Itigilov's followers did what he had asked, exhuming his remains from a cemetery. What they reportedly found was Itigilov's body, still in the lotus position, perfectly intact, not decayed. ... more ...

Source: New York Times, USA

Romania: Miracle burial unearthed

Glowing painting in New Mexico church

For decades tens of thousands of people annually have visited a painting
hanging in the San Francisco de Asis Mission in Rancho de Taos, New
Mexico. The Shadow of the Cross, painted in 1896 by little-known French-
Canadian artist Henri Ault, appears to glow in the dark for no apparent
reason. When lights in the room are turned off, the life-sized image of Jesus standing on the shore of the Sea of Galilee fades to a shadow as the white clouds in pale blue sky and green water begin to glow around him ... more ...

Source: Denver Post, USA

Proof of reincarnation

An Indian forensic scientist has discovered a six-year-old boy who says he remembers his previous life. According to the parents of the boy, Taranjit Singh, he has been talking about his past life since he was two years old and used to run away from home. The boy knew the village he lived in during his former life, as well as his own and his father's names. He also knew the
name of the school he attended. On 10 September 1992, in his previous life, he says he was riding his bike home when he was hit by a motor scooter. He received head injuries and died the next day. more ...


White buffalo calves bring hope

In August 2002, a white buffalo calf was born on a ranch in north central North Dakota. By early September, three more white buffalo calves had been born on the same ranch. Since the calves' birth, Dakota Native American elders have visited the ranch, owned by Dwaine and Debbie Kirk. "The Elders have such a great respect for the animals," said Debbie Kirk. "They sing to the calves, and leave their sacred tobacco to honor the spirit of White Buffalo Calf
more ...

Source: Star Tribune, USA

USA: Miracle buffalo's changing colours

Saint's dried blood liquefies

The substance many Neapolitans believe is the dried blood of their patron
saint was seen to liquify on 19 September 2002 as part of a twice-yearly
miracle. Thousands of people crowded into Naples Cathedral to see the
blood of the 4th-century Saint Gennaro turn from powder to liquid, which
they see as a good omen for the city and the world. The miracle has been
recorded almost without fail for the past 600 years ... more ...

Source: Reuters

Indonesia: Thousands flocking to see image of Jesus on a wall in Jakarta
USA: Jesus's face on a door of a hospital
USA: Virgin Mary image on the side of a house

Fifteen-foot image of Jesus appears on church wall

The crew of pressure washers used acid, bleach and torrents of water to
remove the stain from the side of Palma Sola Presbyterian Church in
Bradenton, Florida. But no matter how hard they tried, the image still peered
down from the wall. The 15-foot figure, which appears to be topped with a
halo, has become an object of pilgrimage for people looking to be healed or
to be closer to God. more ...

Source: St. Petersburg, Florida Times, USA

Russia: Energy rainbow in Moscow
Australia: Jesus image in a window
Mexico: Windscreen miracle in Mexico City

Miracle calf changes colour

American Indians see the millennium not as a time of disaster but as one requiring hard work to right all the wrongs of past centuries. It also brings a future filled with promises of hope, a moment when ancient prophecies are fulfilled. An ancient legend foretold the appearance of a white buffalo. This sacred prediction became reality five years ago with the birth of a white buffalo calf named "Miracle", in Wisconsin, USA. more ...

Source: Kansas City Star, USA

Tanzania: Allah's five-year old messenger

Holy bull?

Could a bull's lick heal? In Cambodia the sick are flocking to the little town of Bat Treng where two bulls are said to be healing people by this extraordinary method. The blind are reported to have regained their sight after being licked by the bulls; ... more ...

Source: Trouw, Niederlande

Pilgrimage to Colusa

Colusa is an unlikely place for a miracle. It is a quiet farming town in the fertile Central Valley of California, about four hours north of San Francisco. As we approached the town, the smell of fertilizer permeated the air and a dusty haze filtered the sunshine. Our car turned onto a shady, tree-lined street with modest ranch houses ...
What makes this room special, however, is the living miracle taking place within it. Pictures are oozing honey, or amrita, which accumulates on the pictures before dripping into trays and plastic bags below. more ...

Source: Share International

Apache woman exudes oil

Etheleena Miller, a 28-year-old Apache Indian woman in Arizona, is at the centre of an extraordinary story. According to reports, on 9 March 1999 Miller was praying in her living room after completing a three-week period of fasting. As she prayed a beam of light shone down onto her home and an angel appeared to be standing on the roof. Since then, her home has become a repository for a sweet-smelling oil that drips from the walls, ceilings, windows, mirrors, and from Miller herself. more ...

Source: The Arizona Republic, USA

Australian outback miracle

In July 1998 an enormous drawing of an Aboriginal man, beautifully drawn and proportioned, was discovered in the south Australian desert,
near Lake Eyre, 400 miles north of Adelaide. Visible only from 3,000
feet above, it measures three miles long, and was discovered after
businesses in the nearest town, Marree, received anonymous faxes telling
them of its presence. more ...

Source: The Guardian, UK

Images of the Madonna in Texas

Since 14 December 1997, an image that many believe to be the Madonna has appeared and continues to be visible on a window in the home of Mrs Antonia Longoria in Floresville, Texas, about 30 miles south of San Antonio. Upon returning home after visiting a relative for several days, Mrs Longoria's daughter, Delores Trevino, called her into the front room of her home. more ...

Source: Share International

England: Face appears on television screen
Portugal: Face of Jesus in communion wafer

Green sky over Holy Land a sign of Second Coming?

The sky in the Holy Land is turning green, sometimes for as long as five minutes at a time, according to a report in the US-based tabloid, Weekly World News. Some Bible experts believe it could signify the Second Coming of Christ. Since late November, according to the News, thousands have witnessed "thin wisps that many describe as 'green lightning' move from east to west and expand to fill the entire sky, from horizon to horizon. ... more ...

Source: New York Times, USA

Israel: Red heifer a sign from God?

Clearwater image of Mary still draws believers

"Last Christmas, it was a worldwide sensation. Now, it glows as a shrine: Believers call it the Miracle on Drew Street. "The two-story, rainbow-coloured image that bears a resemblance to the Virgin Mary still shimmers on an office building now leased by, of all things, Ugly Duckling Car Sales." more ...

Source: Knight-Ridder News Service

USA: Florida Virgin Mary image repairs itself
The Philippines: Image of Jesus on clinic floor

Name of 'Allah' on eggs and beans

Sceptics will see in this the random playfulness of nature, but Mikail Güçlü has no doubt: he has in his possession miracle eggs and beans bearing the name "Allah". ... more ...

Source: Share International

UK: Crucifix in potatoe
India: Miracle potato attracts thousands
California: Miraculous pet shop fish
Greece: "The fish are coming!"

Miraculous fruit and vegetables

British Muslims are proclaiming a "miracle message" from God which was found written inside a tomato. Fourteen-year-old schoolgirl Shasta Aslam purchased tomatoes in the northern British town of Huddersfield. When she returned home, she cut two of the tomatoes into small pieces.
more ...

Source: Reuters

UK: Allah aubergine
Senegal: Miracle melon discovered
UK: Miraculous aubergine with muslim symbol

Mysterious White Knight visits crystal-tear girl

Twelve-year-old Hasnah Mohamed Meselmani produced razor-sharp glass crystals from her eyes, Share International reported at the end of 1996. Nabil Matraji, our correspondent in the Lebanon, contacted the Meselmani family to find out more about the amazing phenomenon ... more ...

Source: Share International

Lebanon: Girl cries crystal tears

‘Virgin Mary’ building may become shrine

The Florida office building that has drawn 1.5 million people to view a rainbow-coloured image of the Virgin Mary will become a permanent shrine if the building's owner has his way. Mike Krizmanich, the owner, said he believes the apparition is a gift from God to be protected and shared. more ...

Source: New York Times, USA

"Subway Virgin" image appears in Mexico City

Nearly 2,000 people an hour are flocking to see an image of the so-called
"Subway Virgin" formed in a puddle of water in a Mexico City metro station.
The image, now a stain left by the dried-up puddle, is about 10 inches long,
and bears a resemblance to the image of Mexico's Virgin of Guadalupe, a
manifestation of the Virgin Mary. more ...

Source: Reuters, CNN

Image of Virgin Mary appears on US building

During three weeks over Christmas 1996, 450,000 people went to view the wall of a black glass building in south Florida where a two-storey-high image of the Virgin Mary had appeared. The rainbow-coloured image on the outside of the Seminole Finance building in Clearwater, Florida, is about 50 feet wide and 35 feet tall, and stretches across nine panes of glass. more ...

Source: New York Times, USA

Sacred images on rose petals

Since 1991, a young Filipino man, Carmelo Cortez, has had numerous experiences of the Madonna and is able to manifest detailed images of the Christ, Mary, and others onto rose petals. Healings have also been associated with these phenomena. In June 1991, Cortez, age 21, was living in a squatters’ area ... more ...

Source: Signs of Our Times, USA

White buffalo calf - a good omen

In 1933 a white buffalo calf was born in Colorado, and in 1994 another one, named Miracle, was born in Janesville, Wisconsin, on the ranch of Dave and Valerie Heider. Thousands of people of many different faiths have visited Miracle, testifying that her birth is a call for all races to come together to heal the earth and solve our mutual problems. more ...

Source: Share International

Christ's face on rock

In December 1995, Julian Webb, an Australian wheat-farmer,
witnessed the miraculous materialization of Christ's face on a hard slab
of granite rock. The miracle took place at night when Mr Webb was
walking on his farm near Beverly, 120 miles east of Perth. more ...

Source: Daily Mail, UK

Russia: Icon is transformed
USA: Virgin Mary image on a car in Texas
USA: Did Jesus appear in New Haven, Connecticut?

Rainbow-coloured light emanates from Maitreya's image

On 4 July 1987, an image of the Bodhisattva, emanating rainbow-coloured
light, was discovered on the bathroom window in the house of Mr and Mrs
Yajima in Nagano City, Japan. Mr Yajima first noticed the strange patterns
on the window while he was taking a bath. Rainbow colours emanate from the head and body of the 48-cm-high figure on the glass. The image has a patterned, silver-coloured crown on its head. more ...

Source: Share International, April 1993

USA: Images of Jesus and Madonna in California window
China: Vision over Shanghai
USA: Holy lama reincarnated in California child

A variety of baffling phenomena are amazing people all over the world time and again.

In July 1998 an enormous drawing of an Aboriginal man, beautifully drawn and proportioned, was discovered in the south Australian desert.

Children are crying tears made of cystal, stone, thorns or producing gemstones or metal nails.

A young Filipino manifests detailed images of the Christ, Mary, and others onto rose petals.

In miraculous ways images of the Christ and the Madonna appear on buildings, in windows and other places.

Hindus and Moslems all over the world are discovering holy signs which are formed by seeds in fruit and vegetables.

A native American woman prays after completing a period of fasting. Since then her home has become a depository for a sweet-smelling oil that drips from the walls, ceilings, windows, mirrors, furniture and, most importantly, from herself.

A young girl from Russia has x-ray vision, a young Hindu can look directly into the sun for hours, a Russian boy can see diseases through a mirror.

And many more baffling phenomena are taking place ...

Baffling Phenomena -

  • Video documentation: Miracles in all faiths - 9:22 min

  • Hasnah Meselmani crying crystal tears - 0:55 min

  • ITN report about Hasnah Meselmani - 3:00 min (in Arabic)

  • Glowing cross at Shillong - 3:10 min

  • Discovery channel documentation about Natalia Demkina Part 1 - 10:12 min (mostly with German translation)

  • Discovery channel documentation about Natalia Demkina Part 2- 8:14 min (mostly with German translation)

  • Discovery channel documentation about Natalia Demkina Part 3- 10:31 min (mostly with German translation)

  • Discovery channel documentation about Natalia Demkina Part 4- 10:14 min (mostly with German translation)

  • Discovery channel documentation about Natalia Demkina Part 5- 7:24 min (mostly with German translation)

  • Recording from the blood miracle in Napels - 4:25 min (in Italian)

  • Documentary about St. Gennaro + the blood miracle - 10:14 min

  • Sundance channel: documentation about the "Marree Man" - 3:10 min

  • "Do you believe in miracles?" - Interview with Benjamin Creme

  • In July 1998 an enormous drawing of an Aboriginal man, beautifully drawn and proportioned, was discovered in the south Australian desert, near Lake Eyre, 400 miles north of Adelaide. Visible only from 3,000 feet above, it measured three miles long, and was discovered after businesses in the nearest town, Marree, received anonymous faxes telling them of its presence.

    The figure - which became known as the Marree man - was drawn into the earth with a 20-foot-wide gouged line, which, from 3,000 feet, appears as a deep rust colour contrasting with the pale desert earth. The circumference of this line-drawing measures 10 miles. Experts say that it could only have been created with the help of satellites and even then it would have taken many weeks to complete the work.

    The mystery figure has produced much interest from the Australian and international media, and speculation about its creator is rife. While some people think it was a prank by the local community to attract tourists, others are suggesting it could only be the work of extra-terrestrials.

    The figure
    is on a plateau near Finnis Springs, 40 miles west of the city Marree in Central Australia and has been fading into the desert over the years. The geographical coordinates are: 29°32'S 137°28'E.

    Baffling Phenomena -

  • Article from the Pravda newspaper about Natalia Demkina and Rafael Batyrov

  • Article from Der Spiegel about religious signs

  • Website about the Blood miracle in Naples

  • The Amazing Miracles of Islam

  • Website about the "Virgin Mary building" in Clearwater, Florida

  • Another website about the "Virgin Mary building" in Clearwater, Florida

  • Webseite about the white buffalo in Wisconsin, USA

  • Official website of the white buffalo calf

  • The legend of the white buffalo calf

  • Geoscience Australia - Newsflash about the "Marree Man"

  • Reports of miracles involving people from all faiths (and those of none) are increasingly reaching the media. British author Benjamin Creme claims that these miracles are created by a group of highly evolved spiritual teachers - the Masters of Wisdom - who are beginning to take an active part in our daily lives to show us the way out of our current difficulties and bring the new teachings which will guide humanity towards its next evolutionary step.

    According to Creme their leader, named Maitreya - awaited by all religions under different names whether they call him the Christ, Messiah, the fifth Buddha, Krishna, or the Imam Mahdi - was interviewed
    on a major American network in January 2010, the first of many such interviews which will be given in the USA, Japan, Europe and elsewhere, bringing His message of hope to the world.

    Benjamin Creme writes: "Over many years Maitreya and his group of Masters have saturated the world with miracles. All religious groups look for signs. It is through the signs that they know the teacher is in the world or is coming into the world.

    You only have to keep awake and you will see that signs are everywhere. In every country in the world, in every religious setting, there are signs of one kind or another."

    The building of the "Virgin Mary" in Clearwater, Florida
    Virgin Mary Building
    21649 U.S. 19 N.
    Clearwater, Florida 33765
    Tel: (001) 727 - 725-9312
    Around Christmas in 1996, a 50-foot-high and 35 feet wide image, in bright colour, of the Madonna and child, appeared on the windows of a downtown bank in Clearwater, Florida, USA. Millions of people have since come to look and pray in front of the "building of the Virgin Mary".

    Eyewitnesses are talking about a very spiritual and peaceful atmosphere at the site. But many who have come to view the image do not need to be convinced of its authenticity.

    "It was like you're in an angel's arms," said one visitor. After vandals threw an unknown liquid on it in Spring 1997, the rainbow-coloured image apparently even repaired itself within two weeks.

    For two days, scientists and manufacturers who were gathering at a nearby convention visited the site and debated the possible origins. George Pecoraro, a scientist from a glass manufacturing company summarized the outcome:

    "We're not able to explain how the shape appeared or why it appeared. It could be an accident or maybe it's divine intervention."

    Carlo Pantano, a professor of materials science and engineering at Pennsylvania State University, said: "We can try to explain it, but not who controlled it or why it happened here at this time."

    Baffling Phenomena -

  • Mysteries of the World: Unexplained Wonders and Mysterious Phenomena.
    by: Herbert Genzmer, Ullrich Hellenbrond
    Price: $ 19.99
    Hardcover: 319 pages
    Parragon Inc; 1st American Edition edition (March 2007)
    ISBN: 978-1405490221

  • It's a Miracle - True stories so amazing they will make you believe in miracles
    by: Irene Thompson
    Price: $ 14.45
    John Blake Publishing Ltd (August 25, 2006)
    ISBN: 978-1844542833

  • World of the Unexplained: An Illustrated Guide to the Paranormal.
    by: Janet Bord, Colin Bord
    Hardcover: 176 pages
    Blandford Pr (March 1999)
    ISBN: 978-0713727463

  • Modern-Day Miracles: How Ordinary People Experience Supernatural Acts of God
    by: Paul Prather
    Hardcover: 228 pages
    Publisher: Andrews Mcmeel Pub (October 1996)
    ISBN: 978-0836221749

  • Since 1991, a young Filipino man, Carmelo Cortez, has had numerous experiences of the Madonna and is able to manifest detailed images of the Christ, Mary, and others onto rose petals. Healings have also been associated with these phenomena.

    An eyewitness wrote about it: "He [Cortez] took a flower from a vase of fresh white roses which we had brought. He then took the petals from the stalk by removing the sepal. One by one, Carmelo placed a petal on our shoulders as we said our prayers ...

    After a few moments, we were asked to take a look at the petals. To our astonishment, what were originally plain white rose petals had now on them the image of the crucified Christ."

    Hasnah Meselmani, a girl from Lebanon, received world-wide media coverage after she had started crying small crystals tears from her left eye in March 1996.

    Even though the crystals are sharp enough to cut paper the eye of the girl has not suffered any injuries. A two week examination by a local eye specialist acknowledged the phenomena but did not supply an explanation for it.

    So her father took her to another eye specialist, Dr. Salomoun from the American University Hospital in Beirut. He was also not able to explain the phenomenon. During her observation even more crystals oozed out of her eye than usual.

    Now her case became public: television stations, magazines and newspapers flocked to the house of the Meselmani family to meet the girl with the crystal tears.

    So in October 1996 numerous television stations around the world showed pictures of Hasnah and the crystal tears.

    Since nobody found an explanation for it, the story - handled as rarity - was soon out of the headlines again.

    Hasnah says that she was visited by a man dressed in white sitting on a white horse. He said she needn't be afraid and introduced himself to her as "messenger from God".
    He led her to understand that it was he who had been behind the crystal tears, and that all went according to God's will.

    Hindus and Muslims all over the world are discovering holy signs which are formed by seeds in fruit and vegetables. There also reports about holy signs on beans and eggs.

    On 20 February 1997, for example Mr Sidat, a fruit and vegetable wholesaler and chairman of the Madina Mosque in Hackney, north London, on slicing an aubergine was amazed to discover that the seeds spelt out the Arabic script for 'Allah'.

    In South Dakota, USA, in the period of 1993 till 1996 five white buffalo calfs were born, four of them consecutively in a period of four months, thereby fulfilling the prophecies of native Americans tribes. The chance for a white buffalo is only about one in six to ten million [There are roughly 130,000 bison in North America today].

    "For us, this would be something like coming to see Jesus lying in the manger", an Oglala medicine man, has commented. "Great changes are ahead of us - a better world."
    The first of these calves - called "Miracle" - even changed its color: Upon its birth it was white, then it changed to red, dark brown and yellow in the end.

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