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Miraculous appearance in Iraq

"Imam Mahdi Unexpected Appearance" proclaims the title of a video posted on YouTube.

A miraculous figure of glowing, brilliant, white light appeared on a video filmed in Karbala, Iraq, on the night of Ashura, 6 January 2008.

This Shia Muslim ceremony commemorates the martyrdom of the grandson of the Prophet, Hussein, whose tomb is in Karbala.
Editorial note

from: Share International April 2009

Angelic figure appears on photograph

While on a visit to Rome, Andy Key, a retired English policeman, took a photograph of the sunlight streaming through a window at Saint Peter's Basilica. When he and his wife later downloaded their photographs onto their computer, they noticed an unusual image on the Vatican photo: an angel hovering above the heads of other visitors in the church.

"No-one can explain it", Andy Key said. "There's nothing on their heads for the light to bounce off … It looks almost like a hologram." Professional photographers have examined Key's photo and cannot explain what may have caused the angelic image.
(Source: The Daily Mail, UK)
Editorial note from: Share International June 2007

Most Americans believe in angels

More than 80 per cent of people in the US believe in the existence of angels, according to an Ipsos-AOL poll conducted in December 2006. A strong belief in angels was found among people of different backgrounds and religious convictions, and even among those with no religious affiliation.

In an Associated Press article reporting on the results of the poll, people were asked to explain what an angel is: "A presence that you feel around you," said one person. "I accept them - to come whenever they want to." Another respondent, Edward Pelz, of Grabill, Indiana, said he believed
angels were guiding him, but that they don't necessarily have wings and wear robes. He told the story of a man who showed up to help him change his flat tyre in Ohio five years ago. He thought at the time: "Maybe I had an angel with me here today."
(Source: Associated Press)
Editorial note from: Share International, January/February 2007

Woman gives money away on bus

A woman in Spokane, Washington, USA, handed out envelopes containing $50 to passengers aboard buses during the Christmas holiday season, saying "Merry Christmas" to each passenger before stepping off the bus. Descriptions of the woman varied among passengers, as the woman did her work quickly. "She kind of kept her head down," said bus driver Max Clemons. "I don't remember ever seeing this lady before." The woman was accompanied by one or two young boys. Each envelope containing money was sealed with a sticker that said: "To a friend from a friend." According to another bus driver, Terry Dobson, who had two visits from the mystery woman on his bus: "There was a lot of excitement. People were making calls on their cell phones. The people on those buses really needed the money."
(Source: Yahoo News, The Spokesman-Review, USA)
Editorial note from: Share International, January/February 2007

Fairground 'angel'

On Friday 20 October 2006, local resident Catherine Austin and her sons visited the South Carolina State Fair in Columbia, USA, and took digital photographs of the night-time view from the top of the ferris wheel. At the time they noticed nothing unusual, but once home they found on one of the photographs a brightwinged figure hovering in the dark night sky.

"It looks just like an angel," Catherine Austin told a local television news channel. "It even has a ray of light that comes from the bottom toward the body of the angel and it's centered right in the middle of the picture - and I believe in angels. It's just an angel." Although some are sceptical, most who see the image immediately identify it as an angel, she says.

Her son Frederick agrees. "It's got a head, wings, legs, and if that doesn't look like an angel, I don't know what does," he said.
(Source:, USA)
Editorial note
from: Share International, December 2006

Terminally ill boy saw angels

Two months before he died of a brain tumour, 10-year-old Ryan Reynolds of Cincinnati, Ohio, attended a picnic with family and friends, and during a
hayride told his mother he could see angels. This was not unusual, because he often spoke of angels.

But when photos from the picnic were developed, white transparent images were visible among the people in attendance. "We had first thought that it
was something to do with the developing," Shirley Reynolds, Ryan's mother, told WCPO-TV in Cincinnati. But three different cameras, using three different types of film, developed at three different locations, all had the same transparent white shapes.

The images appeared as scattered spots, a fish shape, and one large white globe that Ryan recognized immediately. "When he saw it, he said: 'Mom,
this is why I felt so good to go on the hay ride,'" his mother recalled. "He said: 'Because right there is my guardian angel.… I knew she'd be there. That's my angel, Mommy. She talks to me all the time.'"
Editorial note from: Share International, September 2003

Apparition at Sufi saint's shrine

Thousands of pilgrims have visited the shrine of an Islamic mystic saint in north-western India after reports that an apparition appeared on the dome of the 800-year-old shrine. Police said more than 50,000 people visited the shrine of the Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti in the state of Rajasthan in the days following 27 March 2002, when religious workers first reported the image.

Observers said they first saw the images of two bearded men on the central dome on the evening of 27 March. Syed Irfan Usmani, a shrine worker, said one of the bearded men appeared to be Khwaja, "who made his appearance to spread the message of goodwill and peace after the recent carnage in Gujarat". Hindu-Muslim riots in neighbouring Gujarat state claimed the lives of more than 720 people, mostly Muslims, in March 2002.

Khwaja is said to have come from Persia in 1192 to Ajmer, where the shrine is located. Sarwar Chisty, a member of the committee that manages the shrine, said he had filmed the apparition with a video camera and that it appeared clearly on the screen.
(Source: Associated Press)
Editorial note from: Share International, May 2002

Helping hand

On her return to the USA, an American tourist in Paris, France, has recounted a strange experience. It was nearly rush hour when she and her husband passed a man who appeared to be drunk, talking animatedly to an invisible companion. At a busy intersection he stood with the other pedestrians in a small crowd waiting to cross the road, still gesturing and
chatting away to himself. The light turned green, and everyone moved off, but suddenly the man slipped and fell. The crowd kept moving and he was left lying on the road in front of lanes of impatient Parisian traffic. He began to repeat: "Je suis tombé" - I've fallen - and he reached his hand up as if hoping someone would help him, but still apparently oblivious to the danger from the revving cars.

No-one stopped to help; the writer's husband had gone on ahead, engrossed in his map, so she bent over the man, muttering inadequate French and trying to lift him but to no effect - he went on bleating that he'd fallen. The lights were about to change, but signalling to the drivers didn't seem to deter them. She decided on drastic action and stepped into the road, putting herself between the drunk and the oncoming cars. The traffic-lights turned green. A small group of mostly elderly men had gathered to watch, but no-one offered to help.

Suddenly a beautiful, chic French woman appeared - she wore a brown cape, had auburn hair and was aged about 40. She looked at the prostrate man and the desperate American tourist, who recounts: "I expected a signal, something to indicate she would help me. Instead, her expression was thoughtful, internal, as if she were weighing her words and actions carefully." Finally, the woman bent down and spoke to the man; he immediately stopped babbling and listened to her.

She extended a hand to him: "He reached for it like a babe in a pool, and then scooted up onto the sidewalk. Then the woman straightened up and turned her eyes on me. 'It's OK now,' she said." The American tourist gathered her wits and looked around: "I searched among the small band of watchers for the woman, but
she had disappeared."
(Source: San Francisco Chronicle, USA)
Editorial note from: Share International, November 2001

Stunt rider

On 24 December 1998, a Swedish newspaper published an article by well-known Swedish singer and poet Staffan Percy, relating an experience involving his friend, a priest.

A priest was on his way through the snow to church in the Gothenburg area of Sweden. Despite the fact that it was Christmas he walked with a heavy heart, conscious of how time-consuming paperwork and mediating church conflicts prevented him from preaching the happy Christmas message which meant so much to him. Overwhelmed by the difficulty of carrying out his mission in an atheistic society, he felt empty-hearted and alone.

A noise behind him made him turn and he saw an old moped passing him, as if in slow motion, in a cloud of exhaust fumes. There was a strong smell of oil. The rider, neither young nor old, wore a beige trenchcoat, a long scarf and a cap. He leaned the moped against the wall and entered the church, much to the priest's surprise as he had the key to the church in his pocket. He was even more surprised when he arrived at the great heavy door to find it still locked. He unlocked it and entered. Inside was darkness and quiet.

He shouted a tentative "Hello!" but heard no reply except his own echo. Seeing something lying near the altar, he came closer and found a trenchcoat, an elegantly folded-up scarf and a cap. He felt a presence, as though somebody was trying to tell him something. Suddenly enlivened, he raced child-like around the aisles and benches, searching. But there was no
one there, only the same emptiness and stillness. Running outside, he found the moped gone. By now trembling with happiness, he ran back into the church and stopped transfixed before the altar. The trenchcoat, scarf and cap were gone.

He left the church once more, searching for the tracks of feet or tyres in the snow. Finding only his own footprints, he felt all his earlier cares fade into insignificance.

The article closes with the questions: "Was it an angel on a moped? Or was it the Lord himself appearing?"
(Source: Eskilstuna-Kuriren, Sweden)
Editorial note from: Share International, October 1999

Jesus appears to young woman in Cameroon

Edwige Mbalikoung, 24 years old, is the oldest of eight children in a Presbyterian family living in Abong Mbang in the eastern part of Cameroon. She was suffering from a severe disease and almost lapsed into a coma in hospital. She claims to have received visits in her dreams from Jesus Christ Who asked her to go back home and pray and read Psalms. When she finally obeyed, an insect came out of her head. Her father burnt the insect and she was suddenly healed. As she was facing criticism and suspicion while telling her story, Jesus appeared again and 'gave' her stigmata in her hands - a proof to the sceptics. Edwige Mbalikoung says the stigmata have the power to heal.
(Source: Vent d'est, Cameroon)
Editorial note from: Share International, January/February 1999

Rabbi's wife visited by 'angel'

The front-page article in the Dallas Morning News began this way: "Rosie Cohen's journey from Orthodox rabbi's wife to spiritual healer started two years ago, she said, with a visit from an angel. "Her husband, Rabbi Yitzchak Cohen of Tiferet Israel Congregation in North Dallas, lay near death from a ruptured colon. As Mrs Cohen sat in the hospital waiting room, a tall woman wearing a white turban approached, hugged her and told her she could help. The woman led Mrs Cohen to the intensive care unit and directed Mrs Cohen's hands in the air above her husband's still body.

Then she told her to visualize life energy weaving a web over the rabbi. When Mrs Cohen finished, the woman swiftly left, turned a corner and disappeared. Soon after, Rabbi Cohen began to recover. And Rosie Cohen knew she must share her experience with other Jews." Mrs Cohen has since started a spiritual centre in her home, and holds classes on practices such as meditation and yoga within the context of the Jewish tradition. She also plans to train volunteers to visit the sick and provide them with basic services.
(Source: Dallas Morning News, USA)
Editorial note aus: Share International, January/February 1999

Young boy "touched by angel"

"Touched by an angel?", an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, tells the story of Ryan Wesley, an 11-year old boy who had complications from open heart surgery and was close to death. His grandparents, Lisa and Wayne Harrison, rushed to the hospital at 5.30am, having awakened with a sense of fear and dread that something had happened to their grandson Ryan. As they sat in the waiting room, a woman named Angelique, wearing a purple chiffon dress and orange patent-leather pumps, came in.

According to the article: "The woman said she, too, had been awakened by a sense of urgency. She said, something - and she thought it was God - told her to go to Egleston Children's Hospital and look for a couple whose grandson's heart was hurting. God told her, she said, to tell them not to worry, that their grandson's heart was going to be OK."

"'I remember thinking she must have a lot of money because she was flawless, her makeup, her hair, everything,' Lisa Harrison said. 'But then there was this warmth, her face was warmth ... When she looked at me, everything that was ugly and mean went out of me. All I felt was love.'"

Then Harrison looked down and noticed the woman's feet. She was wearing orange patent-leather pumps, very similar to the shoes Harrison had worn on her wedding day "because they were my lucky high heels." Harrison said the woman told them that things like Ryan's illness happen in order to pull a family together, that they were special gifts from God, and to "untie the ribbons" and share their gifts with the world.

While she said Ryan would live, she told Lisa's husband, Wayne, that she would see him later. The woman then left the waiting room, and they never saw her again. Ryan recovered, but Wayne died four months later. Doctors call Ryan their "miracle child."
(Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, USA)
Editorial note from: Share International, January/February 1999

Costumed angels give out money

At least three times in recent months, an unusually dressed man and woman have shown up at the door of churches and soup kitchens in West Virginia and left money. "They were standing there holding a bag of coins," said Althea Burns at the Soup Kitchen of Greater Wheeling Inc.

"They said: 'No, we're not the Blues Brothers*. We're angels from heaven.' They dropped a card in the container that said: 'Smile, Jesus loves you.'" Then, they vanished, leaving a bag with 240 dollar coins behind, and a business card with the initials SMAB. "I didn't even have time to get up off my chair to thank them," she said. "I really do believe they're angels."

In another incident, two clowns opened the door of the Warwood Lutheran Church during a Sunday School lesson, rushed down the aisle and emptied 120 silver dollars into the collection bag. A similar visit occurred at Ye Old Country interdenominational church, when a man and woman wearing street clothes left 100 silver dollars at the altar. Business cards were left at both visits.
(Source: Associated Press)
(*The Blues Brothers are two popular US entertainers who dress in dark suits and hats and sunglasses.)
Editorial note from: Share International, April 1998

Korean leader's life saved by Christ?

In a front-page interview in the Japanese edition of Newsweek, the newly elected South Korean President Kim Dae Jung discusses his extraordinary life as an indefatigable crusader for democracy. Since the 1940s, Kim has been persecuted, jailed, exiled, hounded, and nearly killed a number of times because of his political activities.

One particularly notable incident took place in 1973. Kim was kidnapped from a hotel room in Tokyo in the middle of the day by six men (who were later found to have ties to South Korea's security agency). He was taken to a ship, which set out to the open sea. Kim was tied to a board, and a concrete weight placed on the board. "In several minutes, I will die. My hard life will be over," Kim thought. "At that moment I noticed Christ standing near me. I grabbed his sleeve and prayed: 'Please save my life. I have so much work to do for the people of Korea.'"

Kim was not thrown overboard. Five days later he was released near his home in Seoul. He credits God, and the American Government who pressured the Korean Government to release him, for saving his life.
(Source: Newsweek)
Editorial note
from: Share International, April 1998

'Angel picture' causes a stir

A reader of the Standard-Times newspaper in New Bedford, Massachusetts, noticed the image of a winged, curly-haired cherub in a photo layout of a sunset taken by staff photographer Mike Valeri. When the story of Valeri's photograph hit the national news wire services, the newspaper was deluged with calls and letters from around the country and beyond. Newspaper staff have received hundreds of written requests for reprints of what everyone simply calls "the angel picture." Proceeds from the $25 reprints are donated to the newspaper's charity, the Neediest Families Fund.

Valeri has been interviewed by local and national television, newspapers, and radio regarding the picture. He believes the photo "stands for something good". The newspaper's computer systems administrator Vance Gorke has received many e-mail messages from people who have seen the photo on the newspaper's World Wide Web site: "One man from Rhode Island said his father had died, and he saw the angel as a sign that reaffirmed his faith," Gorke said. "People have said: 'You know, this was just what I needed right
(Source: Standard Times, New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA)
from: Share International, March 1998

The mysterious good Samaritan

Shortly after Princess Diana's death, a tragic accident occurred on the M6 motorway, near Cannock, in the UK, involving a coach carrying a group paying a commemorative visit to Buckingham Palace. Sadly two women died and many were injured. The group are now trying to trace a man in a red car who stopped to help. People described him as a ministering angel at the roadside, as the full horror of the crash became apparent.

Club organizer Barbara Jones said: "We have no idea who he was or where he came from, but he was such a wonderful man. He got us all to get off the bus quickly in case it exploded, then started wrapping us up in blankets. He even put people suffering from shock in his own car to keep them warm. We just want to thank him personally."
(Source: Crewe Guardian, UK)
Editorial note from: Share International, November 1997

Jesus appears in New Mexico, USA

The following report was found on the World Wide Web site of a group called R.A.G.S. International:

A world renowned spiritual personality, Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi of Sindh, Pakistan, recently returned to England from a tour of the United States of America. In an interview in London on 28 July 1997 Gohar Shahi made the following statement:

"On 29 May 1997 I was at the El Monte Lodge in Taos, New Mexico. During the second half of the night, I felt the presence of a man in my room. There was little light. At first I thought that it was Zafar (my personal assistant) as he would often come into my room without my permission. I asked why have you come? The man said: 'I have come to meet with you.'

"I switched the light on and saw a handsome young man standing, whom I did not know. At that moment I felt intense energy and pleasure in my soul and the spiritual bodies inside me. A pleasure similar to that which I experienced in spiritual gatherings in 'Higher realms'.

It appeared to me that he was able to speak many languages. The young man said: 'I am Jesus, Son of Mary, and I am in America for the time being.' I asked him where he lived. He replied: 'I had no home in the past and I have no home now.'"

Gohar Shahi was asked about the details of this meeting. He said: "What Jesus and I discussed will remain a secret for the present. I will reveal the details to the world at the appropriate time."

According to the Web site, Gohar Shahi will deliver an unprecedented address to the world later this year, which will follow the global radio broadcast by Pope John Paul II in October or early November this year.
aus: Share International, October 1997

Deities appear to Native Americans

"A spiritual renewal swept through Navajo country after deities reportedly appeared in May to two respected tribal women," according to a Dallas Morning News article. Thousands of Navajos have visited Rocky Ridge, Arizona, in recent months to pray and leave offerings at the site where Sarah Begay and her 96-year-old mother, Irene Yazzie, had the experience.

The article continues: "According to tribal members who visited the site, the Navajo women were inside their home when a thunderous noise came from nowhere and drew them to the door to investigate. What they saw standing before them, they said, were two ancient male Navajo spirits.

"'The daughter [Ms Begay] was kind of in shock, and she couldn't move,' said Karen Abe, a Navajo woman who visited the site and spoke with Ms Begay's family. 'The deities said the Navajos haven't been saying their prayers.'

"She said the spirits warned that the Navajo people are headed for perilous times if they lose their traditional ways. Just as quickly as they appeared, the deities were said to have vanished. Ms Begay said they left behind footprints and sprinklings of corn pollen, which Navajos traditionally place on the ground during special prayers. A shrine has been placed there, but no traces of the footprints or powder remain, said Mrs Abe."

The article also quotes a Native American pastor, the Reverend Abe Jackson, as saying: "I believe that there are things that happen that not only encourage us as native people, but continue the hope for us that your heritage and culture are not being lost."
(Source: Dallas Morning News, USA)
Editorial note from: Share International September 1996

Blowing His own trumpet

According to an article in the US tabloid The Sun: "At least eight Californians had encounters of the angelic kind recently." The article quotes a woman who was stopped by a Los Angeles police officer for reckless driving. "Officer," she told the policeman, "I know you won't believe me, but an angel appeared and sat in the seat next to me."

The police officer asked if the angel had said anything to the woman. "Funny you should ask," she replied. "He said Gabriel will blow his horn on June 16th." The police officer said: "I asked because you're the eighth person today I've pulled over for reckless driving who told me the same story." The article concluded: "The day the angel delivered its message to the drivers was 16 June 1995, according to the story, which appeared on the Internet."
(Source: The Sun, USA)
Editorial note aus: Share International, April 1996

Africans pray for angel's vision of peace

Hundreds of South Africans prayed for peace this week at the bidding of an angel who spoke from a pillar of light, according to a senior policeman who says he saw the vision. Lieutenant-Colonel Johan Botha says he organized Wednesday's prayer day after the heavenly messenger appeared to him in March and asked that South Africa pray for peace. "A silhouette of a man against a tremendous light from the back ... A person in a white robe of about 40 years old, with a very deep, very gentle voice appeared before me," Botha, an elder of the Dutch Reformed Church, said.
(Source: Reuters)
Editorial note from: Share International, June 1994

Weekly meetings with the Christ

On 15 February Kenyan nun, Sister Anna Hadija Ali, sponsored and supported by Monseignor Emmanuel Milingo, an African Bishop, held a press conference in Rome and spoke about her experience of meetings every Thursday since 1987 with Jesus Christ. European media have reported on this event, including Italian and French television, News of the World (UK) and Hello magazine (UK).

Two photographs she had taken of Jesus in 1987 and 1988 were displayed at the 'conference' and have been included in a book entitled Divine Call recording her experiences. In the photograph taken in 1988, Jesus weeps blood. Since then, every Wednesday prior to her meeting, Sister Anna's face becomes swollen and painful and the following day she, too, weeps blood. Her doctor remarked that this is an "absolutely inexplicable phenomenon from the scientific and human point of view".

He also commented on an "extraordinary aroma of freshness" she exudes during this process, which he concluded is the "perfume of the Christ".
Editorial note from: Share International April 1994

Did Jesus appear in New Haven, Connecticut?

Hundreds gathered around a sycamore tree in Wooster Square Park in New Haven, Connecticut (USA), where many saw the figure of Jesus crucified on the cross.

Although many of the people who came were clearly convinced that they saw Jesus' form, the priests have declared it an optical illusion. Unless miracles of healing take place at the site, the church will not sanction the tree as an authentic manifestation of Jesus.

People's opinions varied on why Jesus would appear. "Because the world is in such terrible shape," "I think we've gone too far," "I think God's fed up." "The world is coming to an end." and "The world is entering a better time."

The image was discovered by a young mother who is simultaneously losing her sight and hearing. She was visiting her lawyer, who was helping her with some legal business. The lawyer suggested that he could complete the tedious work while the woman and her father took a stroll through the park. On their stroll the woman saw the unmistakable image of Jesus and asked her father to confirm it. They told the lawyer, but he didn't think anything of it.

A couple of days later, they dropped by the lawyer's office and left him a home video of the tree. "I tell you I literally leaped out of my chair!" the lawyer said.

"There it was as plain as day ... I was completely flabbergasted." After he spread the word to people in the community, people flocked to the tree. While no healings appear to have taken place, many people say they feel great peace when they are there.
(Source: Village Voice, USA)
from: Share International, March 1993

Mysterious hitchhiker in Holland

Maitreya has also become active in The Netherlands informing motorists of the imminent appearance of the Christ, by hitching lifts.

In Christian circles, similar stories to those in New Zealand are doing the rounds (see the January/February issue of Share International). The reports have attracted the attention of radio and television media and police stated that they would be interested in any more information from the public.

The Dutch Christian daily newspaper Trouw also ran an article about the phenomenon from which we quote the following: "A member of the Dutch Reformed Church heard the story at his bible class: a motorist picks up a hitchhiker along the motorway.

A conversation develops on spiritual matters and the subject of the future Kingdom of God crops up. The hitchhiker then announces that Jesus will appear again soon and disappears in the same way as at the supper at Emmaus.

The motorist is so shaken by the experience that he parks his car on the hard shoulder to recover from the shock. Here he is approached by some traffic policemen to whom he tells the story. They reply, 'You are the eighth motorist who has told us this'."
(Source: Trouw, The Netherlands)
from: Share International, April 1991

A mysterious hitchhiker in New Zealand

New Zealand's Christian community is abuzz with reports of a mysterious hitchhiker who has been thumbing rides on the North Island. "The bloke they've picked up will say something like, 'did you know the Lord is coming back?' and that's the only thing the fellow says," reports journalist Brian Finn who's been investigating the incidents.

"Then he vanishes from the speeding car." He's appeared on several main roads, always to young Christian
couples. Some have said the stranger was wearing "shining white clothes", although no one has been able to describe his exact appearance. Two articles in New Truth, a New Zealand newspaper, discussed the hitchhiker among a number of other possible 'miracles' signifying the presence of Christ in the world.

In the second article, subtitled "Vanishing hitchhiker who talks of Jesus is London 'prophet' Maitreya", this 'prophet' is linked to the appearances of crosses of light throughout the world* and Saddam Hussein's recent dream of Mohammed**.
(Source: New Truth, New Zealand)
* See Share International October 1990, July/August 1988 and September1988
** See Share International, December 1990
from: Share International, January/February 1991

Return of the Christ - Hitchhiker as Prophet

In Schweden treibt eine seltsame Erscheinung als nächtlicher Tramper ihr Unwesen. Für gewöhnlich hält dieses Phantom in Gestalt eines jungen Mannes die Autofahrer an, steigt ein, erzählt über die Wiederkehr Christi und - verschwindet. So berichtet der 42-jährige Fernfahrer Bertil Akermann, dass er auf einem einsamen Stück Autobahn des Nachts einen jugendlichen Anhalter bemerkt habe, der ein grünes Jackett und einen pelzbesetzten Hut trug.

Er hielt an, nahm ihn mit, und sofort begann der seltsame Gast von Jesus Christus und dessen Wiederkunft zu sprechen. "Ich hörte, wie er im Ton, als ob er von einer feststehenden Tatsache spräche, sagte: 'Jesus Christus kommt wieder...bald. Sehr bald.'" Und als sich Akermann zu ihm umdrehte, löste sich der Anhalter mitsamt Kleidern, die ganze Erscheinung - in Nichts auf.

Auch zwei junge Frauen nahmen den Anhalter, dessen Kleidung sie genau wie Akermann beschrieben, mit. Nachdem er auch diesen von Christus erzählt hatte, war die Erscheinung ebenfalls verschwunden. Der Polizeioffizier des örtlichen Distrikts, Goesta Edeborg, erklärte gegenüber der Presse, dass ihm in 30 Jahren Dienstzeit nichts Ähnliches passiert sei, dass er jedoch gleichlautende Berichte bereits öfter erhalten habe.
(Quelle: Esotera, Juni 1981)

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