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Healing water of Nordenau

"The Waters of Life of Aquarius will enter man’s life on all levels, and from this stimulus a new man will be born … This Gift of Life the Christ will bestow, revealing Himself as the Water Carrier..."
(Benjamin Creme's Master in Share International, May 1982)

"... a network is being created (by the Lord Maitreya) throughout the world, energetically linked together; a network of ‘the Waters of Life’.… the ‘life more abundantly’ is, precisely, the Waters of Life of Aquarius.…inevitably bringing about tremendous changes in consciousness, and also curing the physical ills, strengthening the physical body, of humanity.."
(Benjamin Creme in Share International, November 1993)

by Paul Zwaga, Amsterdam

Since its discovery in 1992 the spring of healing water in Nordenau, Germany, has been visited daily by hundreds of people from all over the world. The spring is in a slate mine on the property of the Hotel Tommes in the Winterberg mountains near Düsseldorf. Newspaper and television reports have spoken of miraculous healings attributed to the water, as people said to have been declared incurable by medical science have been healed of a variety of illnesses and medical conditions.

A particularly interesting story is that of an 18-year-old boy from Kiev. He and a number of other "children from Chernobyl" had been invited to Nordenau by Mr and Mrs Tommes (proprietors of Hotel Tommes). As a result of the nuclear accident at the Chernobyl power plant the boy was suffering from a very unusual form of lymphatic cancer which had already spread to his stomach and chest. This meant that he experienced great difficulty in breathing and was easily exhausted.

Doctors had given up on him, declaring him to be incurably ill. During his visit to Nordenau he went to the spring in the mine twice a day and after some time was well enough to cycle over the surrounding hills on a mountain-bike. After a stay of five weeks the symptoms of his illness had virtually disappeared. On leaving Germany and returning to Kiev the young man got a job and says he feels fine.

Research carried out in 1992 by a Dr Steinbruck from Frankfurt involved investigating the cases of 42 visitors to the healing spring; of these cases
30 per cent were completely cured; in 28 per cent of the cases there was a significant improvement in their condition; and in 26 per cent their condition had improved to some extent. These findings were confirmed by doctors. Recent research carried out by a Dr Gadek on 515 visitors who had drunk water from the spring, showed that, independent of age and personality type, in almost all cases there was a significant improvement in the quality of life after drinking the healing water.

Nordenau water was tested and investigated in the laboratories of Professor Shirahata in Fukuoha in Japan. It was discovered that diseases and conditions such as cataracts and arthritis and the initial stages of multiple sclerosis respond well to, and can be successfully treated with, Nordenau water. In May 1999 Professor Shirahata addressed a conference on molecular biology in Lugano, Switzerland, and spoke of the 'phenomenal' healing power of Nordenau water. He is currently studying the effects of the water on tumours and plans to publish his findings in 2000. Information about various studies is available from the Hotel Tommes.

Near the entrance to the tunnel which leads into the hillside and to the spring, facilities have been provided for visitors, and the mine grotto where the spring is located has also been made accessible to wheelchairs.

Visitors may fill up and take away two litre bottles of water. For those who cannot visit Nordenau the water can be ordered (maximum 10 litres) if packaging and postage are paid.

Information: Landhotel Tommes, Talweg 14, D-57392 Schmallenberg-Nordenau; Tel: ++ (0)29 75 - 962 20, Fax: 962 21 65; Internet: <>

(See also article "Healing water found in Germany" by Memo Neupert in Share International, January/February 1993)

Paul Zwaga is a Share International co-worker from Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Editorial note

Source: Share International, March 2000

Reprinted by courtesy of © Share International

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